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Sea Walk Slideshow

Here's something nice, before I leave for Toronto, tomorrow morning. A beautifully edited slideshow, of the charity walk that Jango and I participated in, for West Coast Assistance Teams. Enjoy! :)

Oh, btw, jaxxblackfox I postponed my return flight time to later Saturday night on the 12th, so we can totally go to Woofstock together. :) Looking forward to seeing you guys!!
VGC Jess


Guess what I got today! A notification from Canada Revenue, saying that Lifeline Character Animation LTD. owes $12,596.57 in overdue GST/HST returns, from the years 2007 to the present tax year. It's gone to collections, and payment is due in 10 days.

For those who don't know, Lifeline is the corporation that my ex and I owned, so that he could work remotely from home. When we separated, he asked me to write a letter of resignation from the company, and said that he would take over all responsibilities of the corporation, including paying off all debts.

Guess who didn't pay his taxes like he was supposed to?

They're coming after ME AGAIN, for debts that he was supposed to pay. I broke down at work today and had to leave early. I'm supposed to get a drive out to Michigan next Monday to finally get my stuff back from his place... and I feel so utterly destroyed right now.

I don't know what to do anymore. -______-
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One Fine Looking Animal!

I'll be attending a charity walk for West Coast Assistance Teams Service Dogs, next Sunday with Blue and Sweetie. The coordinator wanted a pic of our dogs, so I sent them this one of Jango that I took this afternoon.

Handsom Jango Bear

Yep. I have one handsome dog. ;3

He's a big chicken though. It's Victoria day, and a couple of fireworks have already started going off. He started trying to hide under my computer desk, and has been stuck to me like glue... even tried crawling up onto my lap! :-P Big wimp!

I love my dog... he's adorable. ^^
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Jango is One Year Old

Jango turned a year old a week ago. We're working on some outdoor kennel training now, since the weather's been so nice out the last couple of days. I took some pictures of him today, half asleep. Mojo was also out in the backyard, sunbathing. :3

Jango Kennel 1

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I also got to meet up with Jango's brother Kobe, and his sister Diva. It's nice to see the other pups - Kobe is HUGE!!! I'm going to be doing some one-on-one training with them on Tuesdays, this month. Training and boarding in general has started picking up again. I have a 4 month old female Border Collie staying with me for the next week, for training. It'll be nice to get some extra business this summer.

Update on the Shiba puppy: the owners are still asking for too much money. I've offered to do training for free if they can find someone to buy him for the price they're asking, but they will have to let the buyers know that he needs a LOT of work, and to bring him back to the clinic for lessons. I'll be doing my best to keep tabs on the situation. So I'll be returning all the donations that were given. Thanks for the support anyway. :3

Please Help a Shiba Puppy in Need?

We have a 5 month old Shiba Inu puppy staying with us for boarding, at the vet clinic that I work at. Being the dog trainer there, I'm in charge of the animals' care, and I work with them every day on any behavioral issues that need working on, as well as basic training.

Shiba Peter Lick

Shiba Peter

I found out today that the owners of the Shiba puppy, named Peter, no longer want him, and are looking to sell him. There are a couple of problems though. Firstly, as sweet as Peter is, he is a very timid and skittish puppy, and has had poor socialization, so he's terrified of any loud sudden movements and noises. Trying to walk him is a very scary ordeal, and he either wants to hide behind your legs or take flight.

The second problem is that his owner is not willing to let him go for less than $1,500, which upsets me because as far as I'm concerned, it shows lack of concern for the puppy's well-being. Apparently they bought him at a pet store for $2,000, tried to return him to the store, and when no one would take him back they kept him, but now he is boarding with us for the next week while they are in China. So they seem pretty firm on the fact that they want money back for him, and I don't know if they will negotiate a lower price.

I care for this dog every day, and it breaks my heart to think that this puppy could end up at the pound if a good home doesn't come up in time. The owners do not have the time or the patience to work with Peter's fear issues. This can be trained out of him easily, if someone is willing to put the time and effort into working with him, and I am already doing that every day, bit by bit. He is very sweet one on one with people, when it's quiet, not a fear biter at all, and he gives very gentle kisses. He has a lot of potential to shape up to be a very well behaved and well-balanced dog. He is also very quiet, which is unusual for a Shiba, and he also likes to stay very clean, and is mostly potty trained.

I would love to try to help get this puppy into a good home. In fact, one of my roommates has been wanting to get a Shiba for a little while now, so when I told him about Peter, he got all excited, and would love to take him off of the owner's hands. We have some money, but not the amount that the owner is asking for. I would very much like to make an offer to this puppy's owner, when they get back from China in a week's time. But I need some help. I'm very kindly asking if anyone would consider making a donation, so that we can get this puppy into a good home. Our goal is to raise an extra $500, by Friday, May 7th. So if say 25 people could donate $20 each, we would be able to buy this puppy from the owner.

Even a small donation of $5 or $10, if anyone can spare it, would be a huge help. Not only would we be giving this puppy a second chance, but the puppy would be a huge support to my roommate. I have also told my roommate that if he is able to get this puppy, I will be there to help him with costs if he needs it, and of course rehabilitation and training for free. Peter would have a very good home with us.

If anyone would care to help us out by sending a donation, please feel free to email me privately, and I can give you PayPal or address information.

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Amish-made Leather Collars, FurBid Auctions

Well, I need monies, so I've decided to sell some of my custom-made, heavy duty Amish-made Leather dog collars: 3" W X 22" L Black Spiked & Chained, 2" W X 22" L Brown Spiked, 2" W X 22" L Brown Studded, and 2" W X 22" L Plain Brown.

These are ideal for large breed dogs, (Rottweiler, American Pit Bull Terrier, German Shepherd, Doberman, Boxer, Bull Terrier, etc.) or they could even be used as a Fursuit accessory (except for the very serious Spiked and Chained collar... that thing could kill someone - it's more of a collector's collar).

Check 'em out!

Collar - Spikes and Chains

Black Leather Collar, With Spikes and Chain.

Collar - Spikes

Brown Leather Collar With Spikes.

Collar - Studs

Brown Leather Collar With Studs.

Collar - Plain

Plain Brown Leather Collar.
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I Hate So Much Right Now...

I have never been so angry... so upset... so sick and disgusted... and yet also felt such a sense of loss and hopelessness and depression, that just makes me want to cry blood. I'm so stressed right now, I could just throw up.

I got a notice in my email today that my ex is going along with a Default Judgment of Divorce on May 3rd, 2010, without ever so much as trying to come to any civil negotiations, unless I can put a stop to it within 25 days. Here's my email response to my Ex's attorney.

Collapse )

So, in a nutshell, I have less than a month to get a lawyer based in Manistee or Bear Lake Michigan, to help put a pause on this divorce judgment started by my Husband... or I'm fucked. He gets his divorce without any negotiations, and I get nothing but a shitload of his debt.

I need help. I REALLY, really need help from someone, at this point, if this divorce judgment I'm going through is able to be modified. I'll be in Toronto, Ontario, visiting my Mom and friends from June 5th to June 12th, 2010... and I will very probably need to take some time out of my visit to go to Bear Lake, Michigan to finally pick up a load of my personal belongings from my Ex's place.

Is there anyone out there at all in the Toronto area who owns a van, who would be willing to drive me the 8 or so hours out to my Ex's home in Michigan, (and then back to Toronto) so that I can pick up my stuff? I'm afraid I can't offer much... I can pay for gas and I can pay for any meals while on the road... but otherwise I am very strapped for cash, especially now that I have to consider legal fees.

I am getting very desperate at this point, and need a miracle right about now, if I'm ever going to be able to get through this divorce.

*curls up and just wants to cry in frustration* -___________-
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Do Not Want!

Never Mess With a Momma Dog and Her Puppy

I hate irresponsible dog owners. And this world is full of them, most of whom never learn.

Jango was almost attacked by a loose German Shepherd a couple days ago, while Tor and I were taking the boys out for a walk. By our house there's a school yard with a gravel pit, where we sometimes let Jango and Tobi romp around for a bit. That time though, I saw a guy throwing a ball for his German Shepherd Dog, way at the other end of the park, and told Tor I didn't feel comfortable letting the boys off their leashes with an unknown loose dog around.

Sure enough, the guy's dog saw us, and came running at us from all the way across the damn park, and the dude was of course yelling for the dog to come back. I felt like, ohhh... this won't be good at all, and told Tor to just stop and ignore the dog, don't move too quickly away or anything. Well, he came to Jango and they both did their sniffing thing, so I was like, okay... not too bad so far. And then the Shepherd started posturing over Jango and barking, trying to grab him, so I got right between the two right away.

Standing in front of Jango, blocking the other dog, I tried stomping forward and yelling, trying to drive him off, but he ignored me and just kept circling around, trying to get at my dog. He went over to Tobi once, but we drove him away from Tobi so he came right back for Jango, lunging and barking and trying to bite/grab at Jango's head.

The whole time Jango's kind of screaming back at this dog and trying to back away. I pretty much taught him NOT to fight back if another dog is going after him, because I don't need him to get in trouble for "attacking" another dog, being a Rottie and all... he'd have the worst rap, even if he was only defending himself.

I finally just said enough is enough, especially since the owner was taking his sweet ass time getting over to his dog. I grabbed the dog by his collar, whipped him over to my right side (I made Jango sit at my left) and just yelled "NO!!!!" and shook the dog by his scruff. When he tried to turn his head to grab my arm, I grabbed him with BOTH hands this time, and shook the crap out of him again, yelling "That's ENOUGH!!!!!". The dog stopped, stayed in a sit, and looked up at me with white eyes, and his ears back.

The owner FINALLY got to me, I said, "No harm done..." in a flat tone. He didn't even make eye contact or say anything to me at all. Just muttered under his breath at his dog, grabbed him, clipped his leash on, and walked away. No apology, no nothing. Gotta love it. :(

It could have been much worse than it was. The dog could have been much more persistent, and could have turned on me and really have attacked me. But I always said if a dog came after me or my dog, it'd have one bitchy Momma to deal with, and I will take a dog biting me over having to bring Jango to the vet again.

When the hell will people learn to control their freakin' dogs? Cripes. >___
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Bad News: I got laid off work today. :( Business was just too slow for Christine to be able to keep me on the clock. She was nearly in tears when she had to tell me this morning, but honestly, I saw this coming.

Good News: I got a part-time job working at the vet clinic up the street from my old work. I start on Wednesday, doing vet assistant work, cleaning, and obedience training for Dr. Chuang's clients.

If the Dog Daycare and Training place gets busy again in the next few months, Christine says I'll be the first person she calls back to work. So, it may work out that I do part-time mornings with Pacific Pet Clinic, and part-time evenings with Downtown Dogs again, in the future.

I applied for E.I. today though, just in case. I also got my T4, so I am going to jump on doing my taxes tonight, and hope that I get a decent return this year.

I think I'm coming down with a cold, too. -____- At least I'm not working tomorrow, so I can spend the day eating lots of chicken soup, drinking lots of orange juice, and resting up.


On a side note, R.I.P, Cesar Millan's "Daddy, the greatest Pit Bull in the world." He was such a sweet, tolerant, balanced and awesome breed ambassador for all bull breeds out there. Hopefully Jr. will be Daddy's greatest prodigy, and will continue to help bring balance and peace to other dogs and their owners. Daddy will never be forgotten.
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Charm Logo Design

The trainer that I first apprenticed under, when I moved back to Vancouver a couple years ago, asked if I would do a drawing of his female American Staffordshire Terrier, Charm, to use as a logo for his training service. I whipped this up last night, finished shading it this morning.

Charm Logo

I am also going to find my little book of commissions, and post the names up here soon, so that folks know I've not forgotten about them - it's just been a really, really slow process, trying to get back into art again. The very few personal drawings I've done in the last two years I hoped would get me motivated enough to get back into it.

I even started two 11X14" adult auction pieces, which has been an almost painful struggle... trying to fight against this artistic block and lack of motivation sucks balls. But I'm glad that the finished result still makes me happy. I'm doing original, color pencil work again, and it's funny that even after not having done original media work for years, I still know how to do it, and I still do it well. :3 I'll post samples up here when I'm done.

I'm doing a few auction pieces in the next couple months, but I am still not taking on any new commissions until I'm finished the ones I owe. I don't want to take anymore people's money and not get them a product for ages.

I am also actively looking for a new job, since my hours at work plummeted again, partially due to the economy, and partially due to the Olympics being held here in Vancouver. I haven't worked since Wednesday, and on Tuesday I only worked 4 hours. I needs monies!! O___x I need to pay my rent and phone bill, as well as get my puppy's $1,000 vet bill down (I'm very lucky that my vet is awesome and understanding, and lets me pay off a bit at a time... that's practically unheard of, for most vets). Here's hoping that I'll land a new gig soon. Even private training's been slow. Ugh.
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