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I Am Child Magnet!

Tonight I had a tiny shin-dig at the new place with iron_raptor, pat_the_fox, and a couple other VAF Furs, for Rap's B-day. I also had a quick chat with my Landlords about the possibility of holding my housewarming party this weekend, since there was an interest in it, and they are totally cool about it.

They have a 14-month old baby, who was apparently crazy about me! This kid was smiling away, and holding her arms out, and so when Carolina gave her to me to hold, the baby latched onto me like velcro. Seriously, I couldn't get her to let go! :-P In trying to give her back to her parents, she almost started crying. I was like, OMG... they were really surprised and laughing, saying that she's usually not like that with people. Guess that's very flattering. I never really thought of myself as a big fan to small children... but then I keep on forgetting the times that I used to volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club way back when I was still in Jr. High. I've been working with animals for so long, I keep forgetting I'm also good with kids. :-P

Earlier in the day Rap and I chilled at Metrotown, and I treated him to a movie. Anyone who has not seen "Tropic Thunder" yet... OMG, that movie is so full of win!

Here's something else that is totally win:

Rock on. ;)
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