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Shower Spy!!

So, today I nearly had a heart attack in the shower.

I was doing my thing, ya know, enjoying a nice morning shower, when I happened to look up... and saw a *HUGE* freakin' black fuzzy blob with lots of legs on the ceiling directly above my head. O___@

At this point I could feel myself starting to wig out, but then I came to the conclusion that jumping out of the shower all wet and soapy, and running around iron_raptor's apartment naked would probably not be a very good idea... So I started going through a calming process, instead:

"Okay... calm down. This is not a big deal. It's a bug... but it's probably not as big as it seems. Being without my glasses, things often look much bigger than they really are, when they're blurry..."

I look up again and watch for any kind of movement.

"Gee... I wonder how long that's been there, before I noticed it. I'm sure it's been there a while, and is not going anywhere. If it's a spider - a really big spider - it will probably just stay in one place, and I can just continue having my shower, and it won't move, and everything will be just fine."

I keep my eyes glued to the ceiling for another minute or two, until I'm convinced that the thing is not going to go anywhere.

"Isn't it silly how people get all worked up and afraid over some silly bug... ha!"

I decide it's best for me to just continue on with my shower, and try to put the bug out of my mind. So I'm rinsing off, and starting to feel better.

But then I look up again... and it's gone. Just suddenly gone.

I wig out.

I start frantically looking all over the walls, trying to figure out where the thing went. I even opened the shower door, to get ready to jump out just in case it sprang out of nowhere.

I was just about done anyway, and so I turned the water off, and peered out of the shower. And there on the wall, maybe two feet above where my towel was hanging from, was the big black blob from hell, taunting me. Daring me.

Oh, bastard!

I got out of the shower, and very slowly reached out and pulled my towel off the rack, and then reached for my glasses, all the while keeping an eye on the blob. I thought to myself, I would feel so much better, if I could just *see* what the hell it was!

In the end, it wasn't a spider after all, but one of these things, and it was pretty damn sizable - a little longer than the palm of my hand. At first I thought it was just a really damn big mosquito!

At least today I've learned about a new kind of insect, and did some reading up on the Crane Fly after that. I feel kind of bad for killing it now, though. :/ If a bug turns out to be harmless, as it was in this case, I will usually just leave it alone. I say a little apology and prayer for judging too quickly, and will let Crane Flies be from now on.

Still, hopefully I will have no more unwanted shower visitors. -____-
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