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Coffee Is Good

Yep. Having a coffee at 2 in the morning. Mmmmmm...

Today went by too quickly. Things have been very... interesting, lately.

I had an interview for a dog obedience place near my new apartment today. Literally a five minute walk away from the new apartment, and the same place I took Zena to last summer. I had no clue I was that close by! Anyway, they are looking for someone to be a bather, and also manage the daycare, part-time, and the morning hours work out great for me, since I can still be flexible in working with Jorge. The apprenticeship is going very well, and of course until I am working full-time with Jorge and A Charmed Life Dog Services, I need to be making at least a bit of income. But the interview went very well, and I should hear back from them by Friday, on if I got the job.

Went to the new apartment today, and just spent a good few hours cleaning up, and unpacking some stuff (I have a *bed* again! Yay!!). Our Landlords are really nice - they're a couple from Montreal, and they have a 13-month old baby. They still need to do a bit of renovating, but we should finally be able to move in, officially, by the end of this month. :)

It's a very nice ground-level, 2-bedroom place, (our Landlords live above us) with a front and back hall, a full kitchen, living room, a very nice bathroom, and a fully fenced-in yard for the dog. It's not a huge place, but it is nice enough for two roomies just kinda getting started and settled, and it is definitely nicer than a lot of the really tiny, grungy, shoebox places that I've seen in the last two months!

I am *totally* happy with this new place, and once we are fully settled, I will take pics and post them up here. I feel so much better, and much more relaxed, now that the apartment has been taken care of. I will be trying to organize some kind of housewarming gathering sometime in September, if I can (seems like September is a very busy month for a lot of people though, so it may get pushed back to October, depending on what people's schedules are like).

Oh yeah, coming home, it was *pouring* rain, and I got thoroughly soaked. *lol* Well, that's Vancouver weather for ya, and I honestly didn't really mind it so much. ;) Though, a guy driving by in a white van tried to pick me up. :-P He was like, "Hey, are you okay?? Do you need a lift anywhere?" He seemed pretty genuine, but I'm not gonna get into any stranger's vehicle. :-P I just said no, it was okay, and thanked him anyway, and continued my hike through the rain. I was like a block away from getting to IR's place anyway.

I did some art tonight. That felt good. Still working on Emoticons, and slowly picking up on old commissions again, but I am also trying to do more personal art for myself, just to get back into actually enjoying it. Tomorrow afternoon, once I get back from doing some perimeter training with Jorge on Grover's new property, I plan on just chilling out and maybe watching a movie.

Yep... feeling much less stressed, now.
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