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Sooo tired. >.< Today was spent cleaning the house... again. This time though, instead of the living room and basement, I tackled the upstairs computer room. Took me about three hours to move everything out, sweep up whatever I could so that stuff wouldn't clog up the vacuum cleaner, spray and disinfect everything, scrub the walls, throw out year old junk that's been cluttering up the room, and then put everything back all nice and neatly. Then I cleaned my mom's chinchilla cage, my own rat cage and vacuumed my room. Cleaning tires me out, but makes me feel SO good at the end of the day that everything's tidy. ^^

And I found my old lava lamp! And it WORKS!! About a year and a half ago it just decided that it was going to stop working. I changed the bulb, and checked the wire and everything, but it just seemed to have died. So I put it away in storage because I couldn't bare the thought of throwing it out. I found it today while I was cleaning, and decided to plug it in and try it out just for the heck of it. At first it didn't do anything. Then I tinkered around with it, unscrewed the bulb, then screwed it back in again, and it worked! ^^ So I now have my lamp back in all it's purple shining glory! *grins and wags*

Other than that, Life's been pretty much the same. I spend my time at home either cleaning or drawing, and still looking for work. Pat and Raptor spent a few days at my place, and my mom's now thoroughly used to them staying the night. :-P It's like living together in training, and at least we all know we'll get along when we finally move out together in the summer time.

We went back to the mall to hand out more resumes also, but naturally, no one's hiring now because it's just after the Christmas crunch. A lot of places won't be hiring again until April, but a new shop is coming soon called La Vie en Rose. Pat informs me that it's going to be a lingerie store, so I figure I'm going to try to jump on that as fast as I can. Still need to call the place and find out where I can send my resume too. Mmmm... lingerie. ^^ That would be so neat! Mind you, trying not to buy everything I see would be a challenge...

And Valentine's Day is coming! *sings* One of my favorite times of the year, next to Halloween. ;) I couldn't help feeling all sappy while prancing around in the mall with the guys, and gushing over all the cutesy stuff! Bought a few gifts while we were there too. Bought a cute little Valentine's Day joke present for a friend; it caught my eye suddenly and practically started screaming at me to get it, "Buy me! Buy me now!!" I couldn't resist! It was just too perfect! I think he'll get a real kick out of it. ;) Pat spotted a T-shirt at a stand that screamed at him as well. The three of us looked at it and all thought the same thing: 2_gryphon, expect a present by sometime next month. ;)

I also saw a cute little sleeping baby blue dragon statue that I decided to buy for Bluey, since she's been a bit depressed since she moved. We all miss her SO much, and hope that we can visit soon, and give her present to her, and help make her feel better. *sends out hugs for Bluey*

This weekend I'm taking a break and just relaxing. Then I can start working on the rest of my commissions on Monday, and mail out the finished ones sometime next week. I hope I get paid soon... I need shipping monies! >.< Being broke is so much fun. *smirks*
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