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And The Hunt Goes On...

Damn flu is still going around, and I've just been waiting to get sick, but for some odd reason I haven't yet... which is good. :) I think it's because I constantly have the heat in my room up full blast. *grins* Mmmmmm.... I love hot. I HATE cold. I've actually been finding it harder and harder to even set foot outside lately, which is a bad thing. :/ But with me having like zero percent body fat, it's so not cool.

I went out to see the Lord of the Rings, Return of the King with iron_raptor and pat_the_fox on Friday, and before the movie I was running around outside doing errands, and freezing my tail off, even though I was wearing like three layers of clothing! The movie was pretty good though, and VERY long. But I actually finished my drink, and managed to not get up to go to the bathroom at all. :-P Pat flew out of the theatre like a bat out of hell at the end though, cos his bladder was about to burst. *grins* Poor Foxy. ^^ And I also ran into one of my old highschool Art teachers from Wexford, which was neat.

I'm also back into the job-hunting groove again, since my Doggie Daycare idea is going really slowly right now, and I can't wait around anymore for it to pick back up. I'm not going to give up on it completely though, because I'm sure one of these days it'll take off really well, especially if Blue and I work together and she starts her own Grooming. I just can't afford to wait anymore right now.

While I was at the mall, I actually went to see the people at the pet store there that I used to work at about two years ago. I asked them if they were hiring a couple of weeks ago, and they said they might have a job for me, and that they'd be happy to take me back. The reason I left before was because I was offered a better job at the time, and even they said that I would have been crazy not to take it. But I was always a good worker, got in on time every day, got along well with everyone, took other people's shifts when they needed it. Plus the place is close to home, and I've already got the training. So they were all set and ready to hire me back, but then their head manager decided at the last minute that she wasn’t going to hire anymore past employees, because apparently some past employees have been known to screw the company over.

I was SO upset though, cos I was SO close to getting back to work. They said they were hoping that it's just a phase she's going through, and said who knows, maybe in a few months she'll change her mind. But I told them I don't have a few months, that I need to find work NOW, because I'm planning on moving out in less than six months and I need to save up. They told me to try again sometime next month and maybe even talk to her myself, so if I can't find anything else within that time, I'll give it a try.

In the meantime though, I've fixed up my resume, and on Tuesday the guys and I are going to spend all day handing out resumes, since Raptor needs to find a job too, and hope that we find something soon. O.o I'm only looking for part-time for now though, so that I still have time to work on my artwork.

Busy, busy wolfy!
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