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Tim recently went to a film incentive public hearing in Michigan, and got a bit of camera time. ;) I'm so glad that the hearing went well! Looks like some very potential good stuff down the road, for filmmakers! :)

I also had a meeting today with our neighbor, the professional dog trainer, who is looking to put together a team of dedicated staff for his company. I got to follow him around and visit/walk a few of his clients, and I'll also be going back to his house in about an hour to take his boarders out, so that he can get a feeling for how I handle the dogs. He's also invited me to come along with him tomorrow morning, to one of his private sessions, so that I can get an idea of how he works with his clients. Jorge and his wife are really nice people, and their dogs are *amazingly* well trained!! Best Bull breed ambassadors I've ever seen, actually, and he has a very respectful relationship with his dogs.

I still have to meet his current partner and trainee, probably sometime next week, to see if we get along. If all meshes well, I just may have a job! I may have to do a bit of apprenticeship work for the first little while to earn my keep, but it will be well worth it for the sheer learning experience of it all!

*keeps her paws crossed that all will go well!*
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