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LJ Friends List Update

I have updated my LJ Friends List. Seems there was a lot of people I know, that weren't updated on there! Admittedly, I have not really had much time to browse through my Friends journals in a while, except for a select few people who I consider to be closer to me. So, once again to anyone who might be feeling left out, if you're not on my Friends List, chances are it's simply because I forgot to add you back, or I don't know who you are (or maybe I do, but I don't recognize the LJ name that you're using). I generally have to kinda know who someone is, to consider them a "friend". :-P

Also, a quick shout out to huskie666, it was *so awesome* talking with you on the phone last night! I can't believe the last time we chatted was last summer! OMG. I hope that you can visit Vancouver for a day when you come to Seattle! Would be nice to see you again, dog. ;) *hugscuddlesgropes!*

Oh yes, I will have arts coming up soon. Actually sorta started drawing again. Currently working on a commish of Scarlet, (NSFW, of course...) and will post it up here when it's finished. :)
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