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OMG! I have my first interview tomorrow at noon!!

It's a manager position at a large pet store - not as glamorous as working in the film biz, but honestly I would feel better about working at a place where I can really enjoy being around animal-related stuff and making a bit less, than working at a high-stress studio coordinator job making more money but possibly not being as happy.

I am still keeping my eye out for any special effects makeup jobs that may be out there, since I just bought a ton of new makeup supplies, and I plan on diving back into that as soon as I can. Once my makeup stuff arrives, I will need guinea pigs to practice on, so I can get some decent photos taken and actually put together some kind of portfolio. So, if you want to be bruised, scratched, burned, scarred, or pumped full of bullet holes, come and see me. ;)

In the meantime though, until I can get into something I *really* want to get into, (ie. special effects makeup, or professional dog obedience training) I will take whatever decent pet-industry job that I can at the moment, especially if it's going to pay me $14-$16 an hour.

I hope I can be impressive and strong enough to get a store manager position. O__o OMG.


On a trippy note, these new meds seriously throw me for a loop at times! All this adrenaline's got me all shaky and shit. I feel like a Chihuahua. *shhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!*

I called the Dr's office back today, and there were no abnormal results from my chest X-ray, which is nice. I still have an appointment at the hospital on August 5th, for another test. I'm torn between wanting them to find something wrong so that they can tell me how to fix it, and them saying there's nothing physically wrong that they can see and not knowing how to make this cough go away. It is so exhausting at times... it just takes the energy right out of me. -___- Maybe it's just stress... but if that's the case, it amazes me that stress can make a cough last for 9 months.

Job will be good. Once I get a routine back in my life, that will make me feel a WHOLE lot better!! X-D
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