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Power Suit Jessie!

iron_raptor took some photos of me this morning in my new snazzy business wear. The top actually has very faint silver vertical pinstripes on it - totally Zoot Suit like, which I really dig - but unfortunately you can't see them in these photos. *pout* I chose these two of me playing very amateur model, because they were the only two pics where I didn't look totally pissed off, because the sun was glaring in my eyes. :-P



pat_the_fox and I spent most of today running around looking at some more apartments. One was *awesome!* but I have to call the landlord tomorrow evening and follow up, as he will be the one making the final decision on who gets the apartment, and I have no idea how many other people expressed their interest in it as well. But it's a totally posh place... and BIG! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed! O___o

I also went in to the Dr's Office today to find out what the results of my chest X-ray from last week was, and they said they didn't get a call back from them yet, and that they would check for me on Monday. Trying to figure out what this chronic cough of mine is, and get it fixed! In the meantime though, the Dr. prescribed that I get an inhaler, so that I don't die in the middle of a coughing fit. Cuz you know... dying would be bad. I like breathing.

Bed time for this wolfdog!
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