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We Are Now Home Owners

I hate scammers. They should all have their nuts nailed to a tree.

That is all.


I've not lost anything, thankfully. Mostly I'm just urked at the people who *try* to scam. With this whole apartment hunting thing, it is so terrible just how many of these ads are idiots trying to scam people out of thousands of dollars. Do they think we're that daft? I'm just irritated because it is such a waste of my time, sending out e-mails and making phone calls, and getting my hopes up, just to find out that I'm responding to a fake ad. >:/

Thankfully though, I do have two legitimate viewing appointments tomorrow.

On the up-side of things, Tim did the closing on the house in Michigan today, so we have now officially bought a house. :) The mortgage comes to about $1,300/month, and I have to laugh because that is probably cheaper than any apartment that I might be renting out here. :-P

I also met some neat people while I was out today, picking up a cheque from the studio.

While I was at the bus stop, I met this really cute Italian dude who was lost, as he said he's not from this country, and asked me if this was the right bus he was supposed to take. I'm pretty new to the area myself, but I tried to help him out as best I could. He was very grateful and sweet, and said that so far everyone he's talked to here has been really friendly and helpful. When he got off the bus, he waved "Ciao!" to me, and thanked me again. It was cute. :)

I also met a cool hippie dude walking a beautiful chocolate Pit Bull, and I had to tell him how much I totally grooved on his dog. He was very happy for the compliment, and we ended up walking and talking for a few more blocks, before I had to hop on the Skytrain. His name was Clayton, and he was very nice, and I don't doubt that I'll probably run into him again, since I seem to be in the Commercial Drive area rather frequently these days. :-P

People here are pretty cool for the most part. I dig living in Vancouver. ^__^
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