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My gods, I am so anxious right now, and I have no idea why. :/ I'm stuck in the house, waiting for ground shipping to come and pick up my Acer, to send it off for repairs.

I should be working on Fusion training right now, but I can't focus...

Going to see three apartments tomorrow with Pat. One sounds like it could be really awesome, is close to Commercial Dr. and closer to UBC for Pat, will allow me to have one dog, and is right by a dog-park. And the landlord does part-time behavioral and obedience training. *GRIN* I hope that the place is as nice in person as it looked in the photos. It's a kind of small 2-bedroom, ground-level apartment, with shared laundry, but we can't be too picky at this point, since it is nearly impossible to find a decent place to rent in Vancouver right now. Especially one that will allow pets of any sort! I hope that the landlord is as cool as he sounds, based off of the few e-mail exchanges I've had with him.

I *really* want to get into a place of my own and settle, so I can stop freaking out and feeling like I'm on the edge, just shy of having a nervous breakdown.



*gets something to eat*
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