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Back In Vancouver!

Well, Tim and I made it to Vancouver safely! We are already springing right into work, and I am going to be spending most of my time this week apartment-hunting with pat_the_fox. In the meantime, Tim and I are crashing at iron_raptor's place, for the next couple of weeks.

I love traveling with my plush Rotties. :) Whenever I take Jutee somewhere with me, I get a lot of smiles, and people randomly petting him. Plush toys seem to melt the hearts of most of the airport security, and it makes me feel good that they can put a smile on someone's face. :)

This time around, I picked Punch up from my storage locker, and had him with me during our flight back to Vancouver. Punch is almost the size of a real Rottweiler, and many people do a double take when they see him, because they think that he is a real dog. :-P There were SO many funny reactions to carrying Punch around with me this time around, I was quite amused. ;)

I also got my Jessie fursuit back!! She's still cute as a button. :) It will be nice to actually romp around in suit once in a while.

Also, Tim and I now have a new Vancouver cell phone number, so if any of our friends try to call the old number and can't get through, that's why. :-P We will give you guys the updated number soon.

Yay!! Back in BC! Happy Jessie!!! ^___^
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