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Apartment Hunting in Vancouver!

Well... it's looking like Tim and I may be back in BC a bit sooner than we had thought!

As soon as we have closed a deal on purchasing a house here, and once we're done with filling out all of the paperwork, we will be heading back to Vancouver, probably by mid-July (my birthday time!). Since in these housing agreements, we need to allow about 30 days for the current occupants to move out, Tim will need to fly back for a couple of weeks anyway, to be a physical warm body, doing work for the studio there.

I'm starting to do a little bit of on-the-job training right now, but not getting paid yet. I am hoping that I can show them what I have to offer right now, so that they will feel good about hiring me, once their next show starts up in the next two months. Also, being there in person definitely helps.

So, I am already apartment-hunting, and hoping that I can find a decently priced place that will allow dogs, so that Tim has the option of bringing at least one or two of his guys back to Vancouver with him, for the times he will be flying back and forth from Michigan.

Busybusybusy!!! X-D
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