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I'm Auntie Jessie

So, our little 5-year-old niece and 6-year old nephew are here visiting for the week, while Tim's sister and her husband are having their house painted, in preparation to sell. These two are just bundles of energy... and in all honesty, I remember being that crazy and bouncy when I was their age, so I guess you get back what you dished out as a kid. ;) I'll be spending this week trying to keep them out of Tim's hair, while he locks himself in the basement and works.

This morning I got up at 9am, and put together a crapload of financial statements, spreadsheets, and other paperwork, to present to our mortgage agent this afternoon. I never want to crunch another number again!! O___x

Still have a sizable list of things to do this week, and getting through them all one step at a time. For now though, I am calling it a night, and am going to watch a movie. :)

*chills out with a glass of wine*
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