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Well, Blue moved out about a week ago now. She's gone back to live with her parents in Stouffville for 6 months so that she can get back on her feet, find a new job, save monies, and then move back to the city in July. :-P So now that she's a good 45 minute drive away, I'll be seeing very little of her for the next while, and she won't be getting any kind of internet connection for a good long time, being out in the boonies. :/ Her parents are building a house out in Barrie, and so they're planning on moving there in July once it's finished. But seeing as Blue doesn't want to be any further away from her friends, she's decided to move back here when the time comes.

So, that means that I have less than 6 months to find a job, save up, and then find a new place to live by June. So far, iron_raptor and pat_the_fox have offered to help out, if not move in, so that when Blue comes back, we'll already be rightly established somewhere. We'll have our own little Furry House! ^^ That would really rawk. :) *wags*

It’s so weird not having the Bluey dragon around… O.o I spent the whole day she left doing a MAJOR heavy duty cleaning of the entire house. Everything from Blue's old room, (which my mom has now turned into our new livingroom, since the cats have taken over upstairs) to the bathroom, and all of upstairs.

It. Was. Gross. I am NEVER, EVER cleaning upstairs again!! X.x But at least at the end of the day I could say I actually accomplished something, and the feeling I get after I do a bunch of cleaning is... good. :) I can look at what I did and be proud. I'm such a neat freak. Blue and I are going to make sure our new place stays spotless. :-P

Other than looking for work and cleaning, I've suddenly acquired a whole list of new artwork to get done. I've already got a few commissions going, some drawings I'm getting ready for FurBid for next month, (thank you all for your bids!!) and a bunch of gift art to do, cos I don't do enough, and I like to make my friends happy. ^^

So yes, Life is reasonably good, I'm keeping busy and my friends are taking me to see LOTR hopefully this Friday. :) I hope it's good.
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