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Holy Tornado, Batman!

We had quite the freaky lighting/thunder storm last night! Tornado warnings in the surrounding areas of Manistee, where we are at Tim's folks' place right now. jaxxblackfox, you would have been impressed with the amount of thunder and lightning - I mean continuous lightning, like friggin' strobe lights. It lasted for about 6-7 hours. The storm knocked out the power last night, and it was out for pretty much all of today, too. Unfortunately, the storm did a significant amount of damage all around town. Major flooding... lakes where there weren't lakes before, taking out quite a few roads and bridges. And all over the neighborhood trees have been knocked over, some pulled right out of their roots. I feel really bad for the people who now have to deal with the damage from trees that have fallen through their houses. :( We were actually quite lucky that the condos here didn't suffer any of the storms' wrath. But a lot of the roads around town will be closed for a little while, until the damage is fixed.

Tim and I did a bit more house-hunting today. There are a LOT of hunters here. O___o Quite a few of the houses we looked at had rooms who's walls were covered with stuffed taxidermy animals. X___X It was creepy... poor animals. And one of the houses we went to see today was totally haunted!! Dear gods... as soon as I walked into that place, every hair on the back of my neck stood on end... I could barely look at the entrance to the basement - I had to look at it sideways. It just had this black, angry energy emitting from it... I was like, "Okay! I'm going back outside now!" Tim was braver than I was. He actually started going downstairs, but then shortly followed me outside when the energies of that house basically told him to f*ck off. He made a note on the house listing paper: "Unfriendly basement..."

We have narrowed it down to a few favorites, though, but I won't talk about them here yet, just in case I jinx it. :-P But now we have to get the mortgage application taken care of, and then hopefully we can move forward with the housing situation.

I miss Vancouver.

*flops on her back*


Tim uploaded a couple of video clips of the storm onto YouTube, for your viewing pleasure. :-P

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