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We Made It To Michigan

Well, after a five-day drive, Tim and I have made it safely to Michigan. We decided to drive through the Canadian side, rather than the U.S. side, just in case we had any trouble at the border... if we crossed at either Sarnia or Sault St. Marie and got denied entry, at least Toronto would then only be a short drive away, and I could stay with friends for a little while if push came to shove.

Luckily, the border crossing went fine, (we did cross at Sault St. Marie) but they did bring us in and searched us quite thoroughly. One of the border guards actually found a small bullet vibrator in Tim's bag, took it out, opened it up and started taking the battery out, asking what it was... and Tim was like, "Uhm... it's a vibrator..." and the guard almost turned white. ;) He dropped it back in the bag, while it was on and buzzing away, and Tim said, "You'll have to turn that off..." The guard said, "What, it doesn't just turn off on its own??" OMG, twit. XD It was so funny! They were also inquiring about the Didgeridoos - they'd never seen one before. It amazes me how much certain border guards don't know.

Other than having us empty out all of our pockets and after they searched through our car, they were actually pretty helpful when it came to us asking questions about how we go about importing the car, and also about my getting the K3 Spousal Visa. Apparently there are some complications with this idea, and we're now having to rethink on things. According to them, getting the K3 Visa for me could actually take up to a couple of *years*, not just months, as I had thought. And with us only planning on being in the U.S. for 2 years, they said that by the time I actually got the Visa, we would most likely be planning our move back to Canada. In a nutshell, if I applied for the Visa now, I would actually have to stay in Canada by myself for an undetermined amount of time, while Tim stayed in Michigan, and I would not be allowed to even enter the 'States as a visitor until the Visa was issued to me. :(

They suggested the best way to go would just be to come in and stay as a visitor for a couple of months at a time, making sure to go back into Canada often, in between visits. They made it very clear to me that I could *not* live in the U.S. and that I will have to spend more time in Canada over the next 2 years, than the time I spend in the U.S. They said that I will have to have a place of residence in Canada, and I will also have to be working in Canada, and each time I cross the border I will need to show them proof of this. They need to be convinced that I am not looking to stay in the U.S. and that I have a reason to return to Canada (and I take them very seriously on this, because I've already been denied crossing into the U.S. twice now...).

Bottom line, even though Tim and I are married, I am not allowed to live in the U.S. with him. So... right now, I am looking further into a studio job that was offered to me a few weeks ago. It's a possible opportunity for me to work as an on-set coordinator, off and on. I am *really* hoping that I can get this job now, because it would allow me to work in Vancouver for a few weeks at a time, then I would have a few weeks off in between productions to visit Tim in Michigan.

This also now means that there is the very real probability that I will need to start looking for an apartment to rent out in Vancouver, in the near future, and I would like to have at least one roommate, so that someone is always there during the times that I won't be. So, pat_the_fox if you were still looking to move to a place that is closer to campus, maybe you and I can start looking for places together, when I'm back in town? I will keep you posted, if you're interested. :)

On a better note, Tim and I went to visit the dogs today! They are looking good, for the most part, though Wolf is really showing his age, and is getting much slower. We took some photos, but Photobucket was being weird tonight and not letting me upload anything, so I will have to try posting some pictures up later on. We'll probably visit them again tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow morning Tim and I will start our house-hunting.

Wish us luck! I'll update more soon. :)
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