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Stuck In Vancouver

Just thought I'd post a quick entry, to let all of my friends know that Tim and I did make it to Vancouver safely, from London. We were supposed to have started our drive to Michigan already, but we've spent the past 2 weeks here, waiting for a part for our car, before we can drive it into the U.S. (it needs a speedometer in miles put in, to meet with all of the U.S. motor vehicle standards, before we can register it in the U.S.). The part is *supposed* to be here this week... hopefully it will be here tomorrow, as we are both getting pretty darn anxious to leave, especially since Tim has a small freelance gig that he needs to start by the second week of June, and it will take us at least 5 days to drive to MI.

In the meantime, we've been having a lot of fun hanging out with pat_the_fox, scribble_fox, laceaurora, Shortwave, Nathaniel, Rich, and our friend Kat who worked with Tim on BSG, and also worked at Digi-Guys with us in London for a while. We are really enjoying the bit of quiet time we have now to hang out with friends before we have to hit the road again.

When we first got here, we spent the first week running around like crazy, getting all of the stuff from our storage locker sorted out and shipped out. We also had to find a new accountant for our business at the last minute, because our old one literally picked up and moved out of town without telling us, and she didn't do any of our taxes...

We stayed with our old neighbors for a couple of days - Liza and her husband Scott are really awesome, and Liza does some amazing pottery. Her website is (although she's been having some server issues lately, so the website might not be working right now, but if anyone is interested in checking out her work, try coming back later).

We even got to see Martin, our old Landlord. Apparently he really misses us, and 3 different tenants have already lived and moved out of his place in just the last 6 months, since we've been gone! He says he now has a much better appreciation for just how quiet and respectable we were, when we were living in the apartment above his. ;) They always appreciate you AFTER you've left. :-P

So that's what's going on in the life of Jessie and Tim right now. I will update again, once we have reached MI safely. :)

*hugs to all of her friends!*
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