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Well, one of our modeling guys at work was fired this week, and another guy in Motion Capture quit to go work for Weta in New Zealand. Another 5 guys have quit and are leaving at the end of the month, and many others are currently looking for other work, so that they can get the heck out of that crazy studio as well.

Yesterday was brain draining, and so I decided to chill out and watch some Schutzhund training videos on YouTube. This is what keeps me sane - I love watching these training videos. They really get me feeling motivated. And seeing the way these handlers work with these puppies is amazing. They really care, and the dogs are having an absolute blast. It's great to see that kind of working partnership.

Such good puppies!!! They are going to become wonderful adult working dogs. It'll probably be at least another 2 years until I will be able to get my Rottie, but when I do, it will be a lot of fun training with him. *wishful sigh* I miss having a dog around.
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