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For any Bully-Loving-Artists out there, Hug-A-Bull is going to be holding a fund-raiser art show, in the not-too-distant future. Anyone can donate a piece (or multiple pieces, if you wish) of artwork, in any media, from traditional, to digital, to sculpture, etc. They don't have any official notices up on their website yet, but anyone who's interested and would like more information can send an e-mail to Kristen, at hugabull @ (without the spaces). The art show is looking like it'll be set up around late summer/early fall. I think, after our move, I will see if I can contribute something. I haven't drawn for myself in a long time, and I need to start again, before I forget how!! O___o

In other news, check THIS out!!! It is safe for work. :)

*Eats her yogurt and strawberries, before bedtime*
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