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Oh yes...

Anyone who was going to write a letter for me ,to present to the Lender, could you please get those to me by Tuesday April 1st, at the absolute latest? O___o This is quite time sensitive, as our contract extension expires on Thursday April 3rd, and the Lender will need to make a decision on Wednesday the 2nd.

The letters must be on official letterhead, with your title, and stating the year in which I did the artwork for you (so anything from character or logo design, portfolio contributions, posters, comics/series art, or any other commercial works). The Lender is specifically looking for "proof" stated in a document, of my having done work as an artist from 2 or more years ago... so anything from 2006 and earlier.

Cheetah, if you would still please write an official EF's Chairman letter for me, stating the dates for the convention, when I will be doing that special FX makeup panel, that should be enough to show the Lender that I have "work" in the Arts field coming up in the near future. That would be such a huge help!!

Please send any (Windows XP compatible...) documents to:

jessica.albee @ (without the spaces)

Thank you to all of you who have offered to help!! It really means a lot to me!! *HUGS!*
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