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Hey! I'm a wolfdog hybrid, right? So I'm wondering, maybe the dog part of me has some Pit Bull in there or something. I definitely have that big quality of stubborn unwillingness to give up without a fight, that's for damn sure.

Still battling with the Lender who apparently "wants" to finance our mortgage. The story has changed now. They won't accept Tim as an applicant (because he's only filed his taxes in the U.S., and not in Canada) but they WILL accept me. The catch is, since I've only been in the 3D film industry for one year, I have to somehow prove to them that I've been doing freelance work as an artist for X amount of previous years.

So I am sending out e-mails to anyone I can think of, who I've done commissions/portfolios/murals/commercial works for in the last few years, who can write something on official letterhead stating that I did artwork for them.

Gods, this is like running a seemingly never-ending race... We had to ask for an extension on our conditional contract because it was going to be up tomorrow. We now have an extension until Thursday, to get our financing finalized. If the Lender still can't make up his mind by that time, it's looking very probable that Tim and I will end up having to move to Michigan.

I will let everyone know what happens... whenever we know what is happening.

Need to relax and watch a movie now.
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