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Driving Impaired

Okay... I will never complain about Toronto drivers ever again. London drivers are much worse (and I don't think it helps, with how narrow the roads are here, either).

Last week, while we were taking the bus to work, our bus driver hit a car in front of him... and promptly drove off.

Today while on the bus to work, the driver hit a tree. All we heard was this huge BANG that shook the bus, and we looked up to see a large tree branch shatter into pieces, cracking the windshield. So... we decided to get off of the bus, and walk the rest of the way to work, this morning. Once off of the bus, we saw the damage that had been done - the hit took a huge chunk of metal right out of the top corner (this is a double-decker bus), and dented up the front pretty good.


So, I will be learning how to drive, once we're back in Canada. Yay! :)
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