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Some Things (and Art! Holy Shit!!)

Okay, three things:

I will only bitch a very tiny bit right here, first. Anyone out there in the 3D/video game/film industry who might be looking for work... if you ever hear of a place called Digi-Guys, in Ealing/London England... don't work there. I'm totally not kidding. This place is seriously messed up, has been in PRE-PRODUCTION for 5 years and hasn't a damn thing to show for it.

The director is an insanely obsessive, micro-managing nightmare of a person to deal with. Every artist in that place is spinning their wheels, constantly making changes and never actually getting anything approved or finished because the director doesn't know what the hell he wants, and he likes to make radical contradictions at every turn.

The studio is in for a BIG shock in the upcoming weeks, as apparently the entire Concept department has just been fired, and their supervisor was yelled at by upper management today for sticking up for his team (there are incredibly talented artists here... I'm talking artists who have worked on projects such as Star Wars Ep. 1, Narnia, Harry Potter, Mission Impossible 3, etc.). The rest of the studio is going to have a fit when they find out... I am not looking forward to going back to work after Easter break, for the last month of April. :(

Our VFX Supervisor, who also worked on Battlestar Galactica, was fired just a few weeks ago as well, simply because he was trying to do his job. I can't even do my job there as Production Coordinator - times I've tried to do things as simple as making sure that other departments meet their deadlines, I have been yelled at on a couple of occasions, by the director himself.

This place seems to thrive on utter chaos, and if you dare to "challenge" upper management by pointing out any mistakes that are being made with studio procedures, (even if you have a solution) you will be fired.

It would not surprise me if the director ends up firing the entire studio, and starting from scratch again (if he does, it will be for the 4th time now).

Digi-Guys. Just don't do it. They are Evil.

On a better note, I have Arts to show! Sort of. During the time we've been here, I've been learning 3D modeling, and have been working on this, little bits at a time.



It's my first attempt at modeling anything, and it's been an interesting learning experience. I actually find I quite like modeling in Lightwave! I need to build him some teeth and a tongue, fix his chest up a bit, and finish modeling his paws, as they are very unattractive, huge blocky things at the moment. Once I have him finished and colored and weighted, I'll post him up here. I hope to get some good animations out of him, too. :)

On an interesting note, I think I have been experiencing some lesbian tendencies. *LOL* I find it amusing enough that I am married to a guy who is much more feminine than I am, and my sex drive for that past year has been pretty much non-existent. To top that off, lately I've found myself becoming more attracted to the same sex, particularly women who are a little heavier-set (what can I say... I really dig curves on a lady). Not so much in a sexual way - it's more that I can really appreciate the beauty of a female form, and I'm comfortable enough to admit if I find a woman attractive. I've been thinking about it lately, and just find it rather fascinating.

That's all for now!!
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