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Why is it that, no matter how hard Tim and I work to reach a goal, we never seem to get there? Seriously? We plan, we save... we play by the rules, we're careful and thoughtful, and we do REALLY well for a while, and are always doing our damnest to keep it all together through all of the SHIT we have to deal with...

And we start to think that we're finally headed in the right direction, and finally about to get rewarded for our hard efforts...

Almost there... Can... almost... touch it.........




Gods I am so damn sick of the universe being an asshole to us. I wish it would just make up its damn MIND already, and stop putting us so damn close to reaching something that we want/need... and then either making it almost utterly impossible for us to deal with, if not just taking it away all together at the last minute, and leaving us hanging high and dry.

Lately every time something is finally starting to look good, it somehow goes horribly wrong. What the hell can we trust anymore??

I can't wait until we move out of England in May. We have no idea where the hell we're going to live at the moment. First it's going back to BC... then it's looking like we'll be moving back to Ontario... now it's looking like we may end up in the U.S., with Tim's folks, because we can't get a house in Canada, because Tim doesn't file his taxes in Canada because he only recently got his Canadian Permanent Residence status, and we can't find a place to rent that will allow us to keep the dogs.

We don't have any more guaranteed work after this gig here in England is over, and so we have to save up as much as we can before we leave, because that's what we'll be living off of for the next 6 months to one year.

We should be doing our OWN project by down, dammit! It is so long overdue!

Universe, PLEASE stop teasing and torturing us!!! We are genuinely sincere people, who work hard for what we have! How much more do we have to prove of ourselves?? Please cut us some slack, already! O___x

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