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Happy New Year!!

Happy belated Christmas to all of my friends, and I also wish you all a great New Year, with much happiness and positive changes! :)

I know that for me, this past year has been a BIG year of change, and this new year will be an even bigger year of change, which I am learning to embrace more, rather than be fearful and nervous of. I've been finding out a lot of new things about myself, which is a good thing... sometimes things have been challenging, but it feels good to rise up to meet those challenges, and come out on top. I know that I still have much to learn.

On an interesting note, I tried driving for the first time ever this week!! It was really cool, and thanks very much to Nightfox for letting me try out his Jeep. :-D It was not as bad or as scary as I thought it would be, and I am now looking forward to us getting back to British Columbia so that I can continue on with getting my full driver's license.

I also made a huge jump and cut my hair really short! I felt the need to do something drastic and spontaneous, to celebrate the New Year. So now my hair barely covers the tops of my ears, and the "boingy" curls are gone (sorry to those who liked the boingies...).

Peace and hugs all around! ^____^
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