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We Made It To England!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Tim and I made it to England safely. We arrived on Friday afternoon, and we're still trying to get over the jet lag so that we can start our wonderful work routine (get up at 6:30 am and be at work for 9am - w00t!). Although from the sounds of things so far, I don't really know how long this job will last. There seems to be an aweful lot of chaos going on, and Tim was basically being brought in to fix the mess. So we'll see how well that goes.

But so far things have been not too impressive. We're now staying in a boarding house with a bunch of other co-workers, but we have to get out in 9 days, as they will loose this house. So, we have to find a new place to live in just over a week, and we have some doubts as to if the company will be paying for our boarding (so far they have not been too helpful in taking care of the standard work processes, including paying for our work visas - we had to do that ourselves - and they only barely covered our relocation fee).

We've pretty much spent most of our money getting here, and can't afford to find a new place on our own within the next week. So this should be very interesting indeed.

Tim has a vein on the side of his neck that is on the verge of popping out, from all of the stress of the last two and a half weeks. The drive from Vancouver to Toronto was pretty neat, but tiring. A huge rock slammed into our windshield at one point, cracking the glass in three places (so glad it didn't break through, or it would have smashed right into my face!!), so we had to get the windshield replaced. We also nearly hit a moose. That was fun. Then getting Tim's landed immigrant status in Buffalo was time consuming, but it went very well for the most part.

The worst part of this trip so far was to get to Michigan to visit Tim's dogs, and we found out that they were in horrible conditions. They were stuck outside chained to their dog houses, in mud and waste, with huge holes in the roofs of their houses and no bedding, and matted fur with huge clumps of burs stuck in their fur... Tim was on the verge of tears. So we had to get the dogs out of there asap, and LUCKILY we were able to find a very nice kennel, with a vet clinic connected to it, that had room for us to bring the dogs in the very next day. So they all got the necessary medical treatment that they needed (a couple of Tim's dogs had abscesses that may require surgery, but they're being monitored for a couple of weeks first, as they are older dogs and we are weighing whether or not it would be safe to put them under anethesia) and they will be getting bathed and brushed, and get to stay in nice indoor/outdoor kennels with heated floors. I'm so relieved that they are in much better care now.

Unfortunately the cost of the vet exams and kennel services for the next 6 months have cost us a bit over 3k, so we will be watching how we spend our money for the next little while. Isn't debt just wonderful? :-P Anyway, if this job here in England doesn't work, then at least we have a few other plans up our sleves. Tim's lining up some other jobs right now, just in case.

Anyway, off to do some stuff. I will keep all of my friends posted as to what's going on. As for commissions, I'm sorry for the inconvenience and wait... but I will get back to the few new commissions I took on once things are a bit more settled here.

Bai for now!
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