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Anti-Wolf Stoopidness

A friend of mine sent me a link today, and he was all upset and appalled and stuff. So naturally, I went to check this site out to see what had got him so worked up. The first thing I read on the site was an article about the inhumane treatment of wolves, and how these wildlife federations were badly messing up the whole wolf relocation thing. Mostly stuff saying how terribly they're being treated and it all has to stop, etc.

So I began wondering just exactly what it was my friend was getting himself all worked up over, cos I figured this site was obviously opposing cruelty to these animals. But then he said, "Read the article on how to poison a wolf, and the 'Kill a Wolf' bumper sticker that the guy's selling on his site," and I was like, BUH??!! O.o

And sure enough, the guy has many rather nasty anti-wolf articles, and such... but... mixed in with some articles I read that seem rather Pro-wolf. So after checking out pretty much the whole site, I couldn't figure out if the guy was for or against wolves. Sooo... I decided to e-mail him and ask, just cos I was curious. His reply was this:

"I wanted to show the cruelty of wolf reintroduction.

I am against the federal government illegally forcing wolves on locals who don't want them. I have no problem with some wolves being around, but I have huge problems with the illegality of government forcing wolves on people through the miss use of the ESA. Since the feds forced theses wolves on me, I would just as soon kill them all, but if wolves naturally migrated here and we could manage those wolves on a state level, I would have no problem with wolves."

This reply still kinda of puzzled me, and seemed to make even less sense than his website. O.o To me, it would make more sense to concentrate my ill feelings towards the government for it's ignorance, NOT on the wolves! After all, it's not the wolves' fault that these federations are stupidly moving the animals to places where people fear and hate them and want them all dead. *smirks*

I think some parts of his page are good because it makes people aware of what's really happening with the reintroduction projects. Although I don't agree to his posting up an article on how to poison wolves! On the site, he states, "I am in no way soliciting any one to poison wolves. Poisoning wolves is illegal in the U. S. and Canada. I am only passing on information that was sent to me." Yeah... except that the article is just going to help the people who want to get rid of them!

I dunno... I think he could have given the info he put on his site a little more thought. He's sending too many mixed messages that left me (and a few of the friends I passed it on to) just plain confused, and somewhat disturbed. In case any of you reading this are interested, the link is, But be warned that some of the stuff on this site isn't very pretty, so check it out at your own risk.

But what I don't get is, if his main beef is with the "illegality of government forcing wolves on people" as he stated above, then shouldn't his page concentrate more on what the people could do to STOP that? Protest against the government! Not the wolves!

That's just my view on it. I realize and sadly accept that not everyone in the world love us wolfies, and many want us dead. >.< Many people out there will continue to be ignorant and cruel. But as long as there are some folks out there willing to fight and help in any way they can, even if only a little bit, then there is at least some hope left in this world.
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