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Last Post Before Move!!!

So, we are doing the long-haul road trip to Toronto, and leaving on Monday, now that our passports are back! We should be getting into Toronto by Thursday sometime (give or take...) and will be staying the weekend at my mom's place. It will be nice to visit my mom for a short bit, and while we are in the area, I am going to see if I can get together with a few other friends, but it will depend on what is scheduled. So far I know that I have a Dr.s appointment on Friday afternoon, and I am guessing that mom will be taking one day on the weekend (probably Sunday) to drive over to Kathy's place for Thanksgiving dinner. If so, it will be nice for Tim to meet some more of my family (hopefully my aunt Michelle will be there).

I need to call Blue before we leave and let her know I will be in town... if you see this LJ beforehand, then you already know. :-P Also, Jaxx, what's your day looking like, Monday evening? Does the Pit Bull Co-op still do their Monday night walks? If you're not working at the VEC that night, how would you feel about bringing Taffy to a walk, and surprising Debbie? ;) The PBCO guys have no idea that I will be in town, and I thought it might be a nice surprise. Lemme know if you're free at all this coming weekend??

Anyone else who might be interested in getting together briefly, let me know and I'll see what I can work out. I am only going to be in town for the weekend, so I have to plan my time wisely. If I don't get around to hanging out with people who wanted to hang out, I apologize in advance, and well... I'll be back!! I'm not going to be gone forever. :)

We have to leave for Buffalo first thing on Tuesday morning, if we want to get Tim's passport to the Canadian Consulate on time for them to process it and give him his green card. Then once that's taken care of, we'll be driving to Michigan to visit Tim's dogs, and also stay at Tim's parent's place for a few days, before zipping off to England. So hopefully my next LJ post will be from there, once we've settled a bit. After Monday morning, I won't have any Internet connection for the next little while.

On another positive note, Battlestar Galactica won an Emmy award, for best visual effects in a series! Battlestar also won the visual effects society award for outstanding achievement in visual effects on a television series. So, more good stuff to add to Tim's credentials. :} So if any of you out there watch BSG, keep an eye out for the first episode of season four - BIG EVIL ROBOTS!!!

(I know that Tim would rather be animating cute and cuddly characters, rather than big and ugly, evil ones... :-P)

Okay, wish us luck in England! Wheeeee!
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