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YEAH! I got my scanner back today, and it's once again in great working condition, thanks to slinky_treecat. Thank you Andrew! ^^ *hugs*

Now, for today's LJ entry. A couple of weeks ago Blue ran across this Goth-wear website, looking for stuff she can make Chris buy for her. She called me into her room when she found these:



I love them!! And of course, I have to get the Slave one now, (so I'll have TWO cool bear shirts) and Blue wants the Bondage Bunny. The shirt designs gave me an idea for a new drawing tho, (and one I think my Master may appreciate as well) since I've been meaning to do a slave pic of myself for a while now. ;) And now that it's done, I figured I'd post it up as a sneak preview of some of the new artwork I'll be putting up on FurBid in Jan/Feb.

So without further ado, here is the sample pic (adult). Please note that this is probably the ONLY time you'll ever get to see me drawn all tied up and gagged (well, that's one way to keep me quiet). This drawing will be up for bid in February, so if you're interested in buying, keep your eyes peeled for it. ;)
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