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New Dog - Jessie T. Wolf
August 31st, 2007
10:26 pm


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New Dog

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Date:September 1st, 2007 05:25 pm (UTC)
We won't be there forever, hon... it's only until the job is done (which I think is about 8 months or so...) or until Tim is actually able to get funding to finish making Kaze. Then we are planning on moving back to BC (we have to move back to Canada anyway... Tim's almost done going through his Canadian Immigration process).

Battlestar is not giving Tim enough work, and this Video Game company in England has been trying to hire him for quite a while now, so he finally said yes, after turning them down once already. They will be giving him a job as animation supervisor, so he will be one of the head guys in charge and making a good amount of money for us. They may even give me a Jr. job doing compositing, texture map painting, or animation. Who knows.

I'm not really all that keen on moving again, but right now we have to go where we can make money, so that we can keep on paying the bills. I won't be gone forever, Lex... in fact, I should be at MFF this year,(it's the last year they'll be holding it at that hotel) and I will be visiting Toronto again, at the very least to visit my Mom, in the future. :-P

I do find it odd that so many furs from Toronto are moving to BC now, though. First Raptor, then me, and now Pat the Fox. Pat said that Blue wanted to move out here as well, at one point, but I don't know if she's still got plans to move to the U.S. or not.
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