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New Dog

Well, for now, anyway. :)

new dog 1

new dog 2

I am so thrilled with him. ^__^ Now here is a dog that I will never have any trouble with. Nice and calm, quiet, big, lovable and huggable. He’s perfect! Well… except for the fact that I can’t feed him, or walk him, or train him. O__o At least he can stand around and look good.

I’ve decided to sell one of Zena’s old collars on Furbid:

I’m keeping her old working collar, with the handle… but I have so many spiked collars now, in various sizes and designs, maybe someone else will want this one. Zena only wore it for a short time anyway, so it’s still practically new. Rotti helped to model it for me. :)

furbid sample

On a side note, it’s looking like I will be moving to London, England, near the end of September with Tim, since he got a new job offer there. Six months in British Columbia, and now off to England for an undetermined amount of time. So I will be spending the next couple of weeks packing up everything I own, and getting ready to stick it all in storage, (again) and bringing only the necessities with me. Which naturally includes art supplies.

And of course, my new Rotti. <3
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