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Mmmm... Trained Babies

Was watching the Muppet Show again today, with their very special guest star Mr. Victor Borga! YAAAAAAY!!! *arms flail about* Ahem. I love piano and I love comedy, and Victor is a master of both. ;) And well, you have to be, to be able to play along with an ochestra made up of trained babies. :-P I always found those babies to be kinda scary tho... how their faces can implode like that. O.o

W00t! My friend is over right now, and he just popped Labyrinth into the VCR. :-P Yes, I'm old school... no DVD player for me. I really should get with the times. Anyway... brain... distracted by TV... David Bowie is seksay. *toothy grins and wags her tail* Me wants da Goblin King! MEEE!
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