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GUH!!! >__O

Brazil is the most god awful, fucked up movie ever made!! I can't believe that Tim made me sit through that brain-crippling piece of horror... it makes me want to stuff shards of broken glass into my eyes! @__@

GHAAAA!!!! I can't remember a time when I've watched a movie that is so very brilliant in it's direction and visual effects, (visually, it is a very stunning movie...) and yet is filled with such depressing, horrific creep-factor, with absolutely NO redeeming qualities whatsoever - and a terrible twist at the end that leaves you SO PISSED OFF, you want to shoot the writer. Except that he's the same guy who did Monty Python, which is the only thing that saves him, in my book.

I have never watched a movie that has left me with such mixed feelings. I had to really sit down and give it some good, hard thought, and then promptly try to shake off the disturbing images and messages it imprints in your brain.

Cripes! I'm going to have nightmares tonight. *shudders* I want to go wash my brain out with soap right now... Fuck. >__
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