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Furbid Auctions!!

So, I couldn’t remember my old Furbid account info, so I’ve created a new account, and threw some of my old stuff up there, from 2004-2006, just in case anyone was interested. Had some old art laying around, and it’s a shame that they’re just wasting away in my sketchbook, so I figured that I could give them some new homes, where they might actually be appreciated. Go take a look! They are G-rated for the most part, except for two, which are a bit suggestive, but there are no naughty bits showing.

And it’s my birthday today! I’m 25! A quarter of a century old. :-P So you can give me a happy birthday present by buying my old artwork. ;)

On a side note, I will be sending out two-week reminders for the Colors of K9s art portfolio tomorrow. TWO WEEKS UNTIL ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE! And thanks to those who have already turned in their artwork - you guys rock!

Okay, that’s all for now. :)
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