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Portfolio Project Update

Well, the due date for the United Colors of Canines art portfolio is fast approaching! All submissions must be in on August 1st, if I am to have enough time to get some CDs made and sent out to the fundraising booths in time for the Worldwide Candlelight Vigil Against Breed Bans.

Please send a high-res scan of your artwork (or photos, if you’re doing sculpture) to:

Once I have everyone’s submissions, I will stick them up on my FTP, and then send all of the artists the link to access all of the finished works, so that you may compile your own CDs to sell at your convenience.

For those of you who were interested in donating your original works to the Dog Legislation Council of Canada, to be put up for auction, please mail your donations to our Treasurer:

Cathy Prothro
National Secretary/Treasurer - Banned Aid Coalition
351 Pleasant Street
Dartmouth NS B2Y 3S4

Please also send an e-mail to Cathy, as well as the president of the DLCC, LeeAnn O’Reilly, just to give them a head’s up that you will be sending artwork in the mail:

Also, LeeAnn would like to know who is interested in allowing their artwork to be printed onto T-shirts. I’ve already told her that none of the artwork in this portfolio is allowed to be reproduced without the Artists’ prior permission, but if there are any of you who don’t mind having your work made into Tees, please let me know, and I will pass that info along.

So who else is getting excited?? I know I am! ^__^ Can’t wait to see what this group of talented people come up with! Thanks again to all of you who are participating!
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