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Zena's Been Horny, And My Arm Fucking Hurts...

I’ve seen dogs run in their sleep quite a bit. And bark. Or even growl. But today Zena did something in her sleep that I’ve never seen before. She was humping in her sleep. Yep. I was like, “WTF…?” And Tim, who was on the phone at the time, just paused and started laughing, “Oh my gods, that’s funny! She’s HUMPING in her sleep!” Well, I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who saw that. :-P It was the oddest freaking thing! Zee’s hormones have been going nuts lately. She musta been having erotic dreams about that Rottie that was over a little while ago. ;) Oh yeah, by the way, she IS spayed.

About a week ago our landlord had a BBQ party here, and he invited his entire hockey team. And some people he didn’t even know (isn’t it great, we share a house with this guy…?). They had loud music, kegs of beer, and even a whole pig on a spit in the backyard and everything. It was like a Frat party, which lasted until about 3 in the morning, so Tim and I didn’t sleep all that much that night.

Anyway, someone had brought a rather large, intact male Rottweiler to the party, who Zena and I met amongst the huge crowd of people getting drunk in our backyard. Zee is used to the landlord’s chocolate Lab and they get along pretty well, but I wasn’t sure how she would react to a new dog on her territory. Usually she is very standoffish with new dogs, and puts on a huge dominant show of raised hackles, and a lot of screaming and snapping of her jaws at any new dog who gets too much into her personal space. She likes to meet new dogs on her own terms.

Well, this dog was a totally different experience. Zena kind of stood rigid face to face with him for a few seconds, very stiffly checked him out… and then immediately proceeded to running around like an idiot, play bowing, and jumping around like a puppy! I have NEVER seen her PLAY with another dog like this EVER. Especially with a dog she had just met only seconds ago.

She wasn’t just playing either – she was FLIRTING with him. She was running up to him, jumping up and wrapping her paws around his neck in a hug, and then play bowing again, and turning her rump into his chest like nobody’s business. And he was apparently an older dog with a bit of a stiff leg due to bad hips, but that didn’t stop him from trying to get frisky with her! He was whining, and licking her face, and neck, and… well… other parts. And Zee was just eating it up!

I have never seen my dog act so damned randy in all the time I’ve had her. It was rather amusing to watch. :-P She did kind of start to get pissed off at him once he started trying to mount her, and kept turning around and squeaking at him. By the end of the night the two were indoors just laying nicely beside each other. He was a rather nice dog, actually. Big baby of a dog, who liked to roll over for belly scritches. I totally want a Rottie as my next dog.

Well on one hand I’m glad that Zena is getting a lot better in dealing with other dogs. She has her good days and her bad days, but her service dog training is helping her become a lot more focused, and she is getting better at ignoring other dogs while walking around in public. She still has a tough time with the dogs that are off leash who run directly up to her, or the ones that lunge on their leashes and bark at her.

This past Tuesday and Wednesday were really rough on me, and I’m glad to have had her around once again. Tuesday I had the attack from hell on my arm, right in the middle of a meeting with Tim’s Union rep. My entire arm and hand were cramping and spasming so bad, I wanted to just bash it repeatedly into a wall until it was either numb, or I passed out from the pain. Tim got really worried, and got me some painkillers, which helped a bit. But I haven’t had an attack that bad in a while. And over the past few weeks, the knuckles and wrists of my right hand have been going through the same early motions as my left.

I did go to the hospital last Saturday to get blood tests done so that they could rule out Diabetes or a thyroid problem. Of course I had to wait three months after moving here before I was eligible to register for BC’s health care insurance. So far my tests look normal. I finally have an appointment with a Neurologist, but unfortunately it’s not until August 9th, so I have to wait two months before they can take more tests to find out what the hell is wrong with me. The Doctor I went to see said it could be as simple as a pinched nerve somewhere that may require surgery, or it could be the early stages of something worse. I am hoping for the easy surgical fix.

Wednesday was no picnic either. I had one of the worst panic attacks in about 9 months, and almost went into hysterics in public. That was on top of the manager of a restaurant we went to kicking Tim and I and friends out of his place because there were “no dogs allowed.” He was Italian, I think, and had a pretty heavy accent, and we tried explaining about the whole service dog thing, but he didn’t seem to get it. The awkward part about it was that we had been sitting in the restaurant waiting for the food that we had ordered, WITH Zena already in there, for about 45 minutes, before he noticed her with us, and kicked us out. He was afraid that his customers would get mad, even though she was barely noticeable, just lying quietly under the table.

After discussing the matter with him for a bit, he did allow us to eat on the outside patio. I lost my appetite though, and asked if he could please take the food back and take it off the bill. Though I really didn’t mean to, I think I made him feel bad… He came out later on and apologized, saying that he did some research into rules about service dogs, and said in the 11 years he ran his restaurant he’s never had to deal with anyone who had a service dog before. He said that the next time we ate there that we could bring Zena inside. So I guess things turned out good enough in the end, but for a while there I just wanted to run away so badly, it wasn’t even funny.

The past two days with Tim have been wonderful though, and we got Jurassic Park on DVD, all three movies!! I get to watch dinosaur goodness tonight! Yay! ;)

Okay, that’s all for now. Bai!
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