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Today Tim and I were strolling along our usual mountainside pathway, taking the dog for a walk. We're used to encountering at least a few off-leash dogs on our walks. Last week we had a lab cross run at us with no collar, some kind of little froofroo yappy dog chase us a block, and some spaniels (a Springer and a Cocker) come charging at us full speed, sounding very mean and looking ready to bite. Tim brings a walking stick with him whenever we go out walking now.

So this afternoon we were walking, and that little yappy shi-tsu looking dog came running out of her house again, across the street, barking her head off as she came down the block at us. I asked Tim to hold Zena's leash for a minute. Then I proceeded to run full speed at this dog, barking and growling and yappy madly RIGHT BACK!!! Dog stopped dead in her tracks and sat on her haunches, looking up at me with this, "I'm gonna pee myself," kind of expression on her face. She woofed at me once more, and I bent down, looked her straight in the eye and pointed across the street. "GO HOME RIGHT NOW!!!" She got up rather meekly, and walked back across the street to her house, without another peep.

That dog looked so embarrassed... but probably not as much as I looked once I realized that I put on that huge display right in front of Tim's parents, and a couple other neighbors. O__o

Tim's parents are here visiting for one more week. I guess they'd find out just how crazy their daughter-in-law was sooner or later. ;)
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