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Despite Irritating People, I Still Had An Awesome Day! - Jessie T. Wolf — LiveJournal
May 11th, 2007
04:33 pm


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Despite Irritating People, I Still Had An Awesome Day!

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Date:May 12th, 2007 02:28 am (UTC)
This is one of the nice things about being a crafts-person: while people may whine about my prices, nobody ever asks me for free stuff. People seem to grasp that a physical object is something that they must pay for (I assume they think about the cost of materials) whereas pure art must obviously spring without effort, cost, or training from the artist. Or maybe its just the fact that nobody wants to annoy someone who regularly works with blades and high-speed abrasive. Either way.

And on the subject of wolfy love: jealous jealous jealous *channels her inner child and stomps her feet* Glad you had such a nice day - its wonderful when we can be reminded of what is really important :)
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