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Despite Irritating People, I Still Had An Awesome Day!

You know what I hate? I hate ignorant, greedy little art leeches, who have nothing better to do with their time than to e-mail artists, such as myself, and lecture us on how corrupt we all are, that we won’t draw them free artwork for them to jerk off to. It really urks me.

I decided to post up the Leo pic that I did for the Portfolio project up on a Yahoo! List I’m on, because I thought that some of the folks there might enjoy it. And many of the people on the list were very nice, it got some flattering comments, and a few people asked me if they’d be seeing any more works of mine posted in the future.

Then this dude promptly sends me an e-mail, saying, “Hey, great work! By the way, can you do me a favor and draw me a pic of Cash and Dixie (from Fox and the Hound 2) fucking?” followed by a few links to reference shots from the film.

Instead of responding to him directly, I decided to make a public post to the list, just in case anyone else had planned on following in this guy’s footsteps, saying:

If I come up with anything that I think this group might like, I'll make a post once in a while. Time for me to actually just be able to do my own artwork is VERY rare, as I am still working on trying to finish up commissions that I've owed for ages now. O__O As such, I would really appreciate it if folks from this list would not e-mail me asking me to draw them free porn of various Disney dog characters (I'm not going to mention any names here). I don't have the time, and if I don't know you I am certainly not about to draw something for free, when I have better things to do with my time. Not to mention, asking for free porn is rather rude. At least offer to pay me for it!! ;)

That end part was supposed to kind of lighten things up a bit, but apparently someone took it the wrong way, and the next day I got this in my Inbox:

is money that important to you? I thought maintaining frienships with your fans is more important, but I guess I was wrong. Capitalism does ruin people, even artists, who are supposed to care more about their art than money.

To which I replied back:

Try to think for a moment, please, and put yourself in my position.

You may not be aware of this, but many of the artists in the fandom make their living from their art alone. Sometimes their art is something they do on the side to continue to bring in a basic income that puts food on their table.

I have at least twelve (12) commissions that I am in the middle of trying to finish. I put a pretty picture up on this list, because I thought that some folks might enjoy it. By the way, the artwork for this portfolio is to raise money for a CHARITY. None of it is going into my pocket. At all. I am doing FREE artwork, (when I don't really have the time) to help support a cause I believe in, and also to put a smile on other people's faces, and you think that the money is all that's important to me?

Have you ever been on the receiving end of this, doing what you can to GIVE to your fans, only to have them e-mail you asking, quite disrespectfully, if you can draw them free porn? Because they feel that you live just to give to them, and them alone? Because they're too cheap to give a little something back to the artist?

It's a give and take thing, buddy, and if you think I only care about the money, there are a TON of my fans, who actually are REAL friends who know me personally, who will tell you otherwise.

~Jessie T. Wolf

Yeah. People like this need to either grow up, or go crawl in a hole somewhere. THIS is exactly why artists stop drawing - because of “fans” like this, and art theft. True fans do what they can to help support an artist, so that the artist can CONTINUE to produce art for all to enjoy.

On an up note, yesterday I had the best day ever with my wolfy love. :-D

We woke up at 9am, and had pancakes for breakfast. Then I did some house cleaning, and some training exercises with the dog. Then we both did some computer work for most of the afternoon. Decided to call it an early workday, and went for a nice walk at around 5pm, as the weather was absolutely beautiful! Got back home and relaxed with some pretty meditation music, followed by two hours worth of sensual massage, and a bubble bath. We wrapped up our night with a romantic candlelit spaghetti dinner with wine, followed by a movie via our personal big-screen home theatre (a.k.a the living room wall).

All days should be like this. Yes. *purrr* ^__^
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