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My Dog Hates Me... :( - Jessie T. Wolf — LiveJournal
April 10th, 2007
03:57 pm


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My Dog Hates Me... :(

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Date:April 11th, 2007 03:07 am (UTC)
"As for her crate, have you tried putting her food and water in it, and leaving the door open? Get her used to having to go into it to eat and drink, so that it doesn't scare her anymore?"

(Part of this answer is copied from a previous answer I gave to someone else...)

Yep, started feeding her in her crate from day one after the move to associate the crate with food/good things. She will eat much easier in her crate now, especially when I leave the door open (she will actually go in on her own when she sees me get her food bowl). But sleeping in her crate she still has some issues with. Granted she is not barking her head off, but she will pant for hours, before finally going to sleep (a sign of anxiety). She will growl (sometimes - not always) when I approach her while she is in her crate. I believe the reason for this is because she feels confined/threatened and can't escape, and so she becomes defensive.

Thank you for your advice, Delphi. :) I will look at everything that folks have suggested, and see what I can do. *hugs* Thank you for your support!
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