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Enjoy The Silence...

...It's so odd not having the sounds of the screaming bird around anymore. *flicks her ears* A couple days ago, Blue found Coco a new home. It was rather sudden tho. She went to visit her uncle, and when he heard that she was trying to find a home for her macaw, he said he had a friend who'd be interested.

He told his friend all about Coco, and he in turn told his wife, and she was thrilled. She stays home during the day and sometimes gets lonely, so the idea of having a parrot to talk to during the day was very appealing. And she LOVES birds. They apparently already have five lovebirds, two budgies, a cockatoo, and a conure, so at least we knew that they were well experienced with birds and Coco would have lots of company. Blue figured that she would have at least a few days to spend with Coco before he left, but the guy's wife was so excited about getting a new bird that she wanted to come over and take him home right away. Blue was kind of upset at the sudden decision, but she thought when it came down to it, sudden was probably best, cos that way she wouldn't get more depressed about him leaving as the last few days went by.

So the lady came with Blue's uncle, and she brought her two kids. Blue went over the instructions with her, put Coco in a carrying cage and then off he went. Blue had a good cry, as her baby had just gone forever... but the woman said that she was welcome to come and visit with her uncle anytime. They live by Lake Simcoe, in the country, so at least Coco has a lot of room, and they won't have to worry about any neighbors complaining that he screams all of the time. O.o And at least they paid Blue half of what she originally paid for him, and they are going to buy him a new bigger cage, which Blue always wanted to do for him, but she never had enough money. So in the end, the bird will be happier, and Blue will now be a little less stressed with the amount of animals she has. Now all we need to do is find a home for her two ferrets. :-P

Yesterday iron_raptor was over so I could kick his ass and make him finish inking a commission that he had procrastinated with for TWO MONTHS!!! BAD Raptor! *bats him with a rolled up newspaper* He was over the day before as well so that I could make him finish sketching it. :-P But now that it's all inked and scanned (and it looks great, good job! ^^) all he has to do is color it over Photoshop. And I hope he's actually DOING it, cos I can't be at his place to kick his ass and make sure he gets it done. Remember Raptor, it's due Monday! :-P No more putting it off!

Today I slept until 5pm. Ugh. >.O I need to find a part-time job again, to keep me busy. And work on new artwork for FurBid for January/February. I just finished inking a new Yiffy piece, and I LIKE it! Thinking of putting it up on my LJ as a sneak preview of the stuff I'll be putting up in the new year. Anyway... back to work.
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