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Somewhere That's Green!

Time for an update!!!

So, I have been living here in BC for a little over a month now, and it is absolutely wonderful! X-D It is SUCH a huge change from living in the city of Toronto, I love it. Big mountains, lots of woods, clean air, friendly people. Last month we were staying in a temporary apartment, because the house wasn’t ready yet. Even for an apartment, the last place was very nice.

The new house that we’re currently renting (the green one, pics posted in an earlier post) is a lot nicer, and it’s located between a little cull-de-sac up at the very top of a hill. The houses in this area are beautiful, and you can tell that a lot of time and love went into their designs. Though as nice as this area is, Tim still can’t wait until we have enough money to buy our own place in the middle of the woods, as he loved the type of isolated life that he once lived, when he was in Alaska. Also, we were here for barely a week, and already Jehovah’s Witnesses were banging on our door (I need to get a new “Beware Of Dog!” sign).

I am really digging the nature out here, even though there has been a bear warning around this area. Tim and I took a walk along a trail a few weeks back, and we saw a coyote up the path ahead of us! It was neat! Though he got a bit startled and ran off into the woods. The next night I could hear a ‘yote howling, and it sounded like it was practically right outside of the apartment!

Squamish is actually a pretty small town – you can drive through it in about ten minutes. There are a few plaza type areas where you can go grocery shopping, and there is a post office, and a few banks, (but no CIBC anywhere nearby, so I am thinking of getting a TD Bank account) like ONE pet store, a Home Depot/Garden Center, a Wal-Mart, and a few other stores – like I said, really small. I had an informal interview at the pet shop in town, but turned the job down after some thought, since Tim will need me to start re-learning Lightwave, so that I can help him with production.

notasiwas_blue, if you still keep up with my LJ, I can give you the info for O’Brien’s Pets if you’d like to apply for the job, if you still want to move here. It’s only part-time for now, but they are looking for someone to hire a bit more full-time in the summer time, and the job starts at $10/hr. The owner of the place also says that there is a big demand for groomers, and apparently there is only one grooming place in Squamish.

So I’ve been having a great time just kicking back, and enjoying the new space. I’m also becoming all domesticated and stuff. ;) I’ve been playing the role of Housewife, cooking and cleaning, and doing busywork.

I find I REALLY enjoy cooking!! Back in Toronto I was lazy as hell, and using the microwave was about as close to cooking as I came. Now, I’ve been having fun looking up recipes, or whipping stuff up from scratch. Some of the best dishes I’ve ever made here, so far, have been things like Sheppard’s Pie, (accidentally made it with creamed corn, but it still turned out okay!) pork chops with baked potatoes and applesauce, beef stew, and green bean casserole with ground beef.

It is so nice to cook, especially when you can share it with someone. Tomorrow we are having scribble_fox and his mate over for fun activities, and both Tim and I will be doing much cooking. Yes. :) I have planned grilled chicken and steamed veggies with Jasmine rice, and Tim is going to make his famous lasagna (vegetarian style). Tonight I am going to cook hamburgers. Nothing fancy, but they’re tasty. :)

We just got in about an hour ago from grocery shopping, and picking up our mail at the post office box. Even on the drive back home I saw things that I normally wouldn’t see in Toronto. We saw a couple riding on horses along the quiet road near our little cul-de-sac, totally English saddle style! It was so weird to see someone, who is not a police officer, riding a horse along the street. We also saw what looked to be a wolf-dog hybrid walking around by itself, which made me kind of angry that it’s owner was nowhere in sight. Beautiful dog, but so dangerous having a dog walking around by itself. Tim was very nice, and warned the people on horseback about it.

I am going to get a Photobucket account, methinks, so that I can post up pics of this place soon. And commissions have once again been put on hold for a little bit, but I hope to have everything done in time for Anthrocon. Just haven’t had a whole lot of time for artwork lately.

Will try to update again soon!
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