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What A Freakin’ Douche…

So, we’ve had an awful lot of Drama going on, on the Klaus Doberman Yahoo! group’s list lately. Everything from identity theft, (some wanker stole Klaus’ old Yahoo! e-mail and spent a good few months pretending to be Klaus on his list) to alleged art piracy, (Klaus found his new, unfinished, “Do Not Distribute!” artwork up on F-Chan) and now some dope bugging the other members for adult “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron” artwork, knowing full-well that Klaus got into major trouble from Dreamworks in regards to those drawings, and is no longer allowed to post them up on the net.

What bugs me is that the guy e-mailed Klaus asking for two of the Spirit drawings, (apparently he already has two of four) and when he didn’t get a reply from Klaus (again, knowing that Klaus does not want them distributed any longer) he figured that he could ask the people on the list. Big mistake. The guy’s been told, politely, at least a few times already that no one on the group will distribute those pictures, in good faith to Klaus.

Now, granted that the guy doesn’t speak (type?) very good English, as I think he’s from Russia… but from the messages he’s sent to the list, I don’t think he’s as stupid as he tries to come across. Basically, when people have told him, “Sorry, no, we can’t give you this art,” he’s been pulling the guilt-trip BS of, “I don’t understand any of you! People are supposed to help each other out! You’re just afraid of Dreamworks, and so you guys won’t give me free artwork that I feel I’m entitled to!” Those weren’t his exact words, but that basically sums it up.

I finally got tired of listening to him bitch on the list, and sent him a couple of private e-mails, in the hopes that it would help him to better understand.

His message to the list:

“Thanks for advice, but I already tried to contact Mr. Klaus Doberman
to this post address The Answer, I have not
received. Probably Mr. Klaus has not wanted to understand me and to
help me with these works. On this I having small hope have written
the request in Klausart's group. But also there I have not received
the help and it should afflict me …”

My e-mail to him:

The Yahoo address is Klaus' old e-mail, which no longer works, because someone stole it from him. That is why he has not written you back. He no longer uses the e-mail address.

As many people on the list have already said, Klaus does NOT wish for his Spirit art to be given away to ANYONE, or posted ANYWHERE because of his Cease and Decist order from Dreamworks. The people in Klaus' yahoo group will not give you any Spirit artwork, because Klaus himself has asked that no one give it out anymore. If his Spirit art is found anywhere else on the net, he can get into a LOT of trouble, and his friends and fans do not wish that for him.

It's not that they don't want to help you out - it's that Klaus does not wish to have his Spirit artwork given out anymore. If you obtain it from anywhere else, then that would be illegal.

~Jessie T. Wolf

His reply to me:

“Do not worry Mr. Wolf, I already has understood what not you not Mr. Klaus will not help me. I have found all these works of Spirit independently, and on this any more I shall not disturb you. If you will see Mr. Klaus, pass him from me, many thanks for that that he has drawn them, and say to him that I did not want will deliver to him of inconveniences. Say to him also that people should help to each other and if it does not occur, that it leaves bad impressions about such person. Such bad impressions have remained with me from dialogue with Mr. Klaus and his group. I as before do not understand why everyone are afraid to give to me these figures of Spirit, I asked them for a an individual collection, not for accommodation in a network. But all of you too are afraid of illusive threat DreamWorks, it is the fact and unexpectedness for me.”

My reply to him:

"Say to him also that people should help to each other and if it does not occur, that it leaves bad impressions about such person. Such bad impressions have remained with me from dialogue with Mr. Klaus and his group."

Also, please understand that you, sir, are leaving a bad impression, by asking for artwork that Klaus, nor his group, are LEGALLY allowed to give out. It is illegal for us to give out such artwork, because Dreamworks has filed a Cease and Decist order against Klaus, and you are asking us to break the law.

"But all of you too are afraid of illusive threat DreamWorks, it is the fact and unexpectedness for me."

It is not about being "afraid." It is about respecting others' wishes. We are not afraid of Dreamworks - we are trying to be respectful of their request, and Klaus' request, that we no longer distribute anymore adult Spirit artwork.

I hope that this e-mail has helped you to better understand why no one in Klaus' group will "help" you. Again, it is not that we do not want to help you out. The fact is just that if we were to do so, we would be breaking the law, as well as breaking honor and trust among friends and fans of Klaus. You would not ask a friend of yours to steal a car for you to "help you out." For the same reason, we will not distribute illegal artwork to a complete stranger.

~Jessie T. Wolf

Yar. It’s people like this who should be kicked out of all art lists, period. I still just do not get what is up with people who think it’s their God-given right to have free artwork, when they don’t give a damn thing back to their community.

One of the reasons I like Klaus’ group (apart from the fact that I think he’s a very talented artist, and I love his coloring technique) is because Klaus actually appreciates input and criticism from his fans. He asks what it is that his fans would like to see him draw, and he draws it FOR his fans. He also encourages the members of his list to post up their own artwork as well, even if many people are still just in the learning process. Doesn’t matter how bad the artwork is - he encourages members to post, and then others can give pointers on where the person can improve. It makes a difference!! And it’s something I very rarely see on other “popular” Furry Artists’ lists.

I feel bad for Klaus that his work is still being ripped from him time and again, when he does so much for his fans. It is nice to see that many of the people on his Yahoo! group are very loyal to him and will not betray his trust. But to all of the idiots who’ve snuck into the group and pulled crap just to get off on the damage that they’ve done to yet another artist - may they all get leprosy and die.

I am taking a break from artwork for a while, not because of shit like this, but because I just need the break to recharge my batteries, so to speak. Once I’m done with commissions I’ve owed for ages, I would really like to get back into working on my own stuff again.

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a list, just because it might actually get me back into drawing for the sheer enjoyment of it. And because I know that there will always be art piracy, I will not make my artwork “Do Not Distribute!” because that will only be begging Art Pirates to rip me off. Rather, if I ever do start my own list and people want to steal my work and slap their own signature on it, I am confident enough that my true friends and fans would be able to recognize my particular art style when they see it, and to me that’s all that’s really important.

I don’t draw enough for anyone to steal my work anyway… O_x
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