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Moving Soon!!

So… I totally missed posting anything art-related on Valentine’s Day – one of my most favorite holidays of the year. O_o But my wolfy made me a very sweet drawing for Valentine’s Day, so I thought I’d post it up here.

Were Have You Been All My Life

So beautiful. ^.^ Art gifts are the best. So much better than some random Hallmark card.

Things have been very busy on my end, and I’ve finally finished packing up and shipping out the last of my things, including my computer, so right now I’m working on the laptop that Tim gave me. I just have to shove a few more things in my backpack to bring with me on the plane. Though I still have no clue how I’m going to get the two dogs in their crates to the Airport, since no one I know has a pickup truck or van large enough to help me out. I’m going to have to start looking at finding a taxi service or something that has a van large enough for two big dog crates, and just hope that they don’t charge me a fortune, since I pretty much spent all of my money on shipping my belongings out via Greyhound Courier Express. O_x

I also still have three full-character commissions and three badges from AC’06 to start, *mutters at the lack of time* but those will have to wait until after I’ve moved to BC, on March 3rd. Everyone else’s stuff that is finished I will be mailing out before I leave.

Tim and I are already registered for AC’07, though if we will actually be there will completely depend on if Tim still has a work permit by July. If he doesn’t it means he can’t leave Canada, or else he won’t be able to get back in once he’s back in the U.S. If he gets extended for another year, then we can get to AC, no problem. So far things are looking pretty good though, so I will be continuing to send out positive energy! If I do make it to AC this year, I will NOT be getting a table in either the Dealer’s Room, or Artist’s Ally! No more commissions for me, for a good while. I’m going to AC to have fun this year, and not to do any art. I need a serious break from commissions, and I’d really just like to get back to my own artwork again. My new website’s been neglected for well over a year now, with absolutely no new content on it. I need to fix that…

I’ll make one more post before I leave. :)
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