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Idiot Children, And Art!

On the bus this morning, when I was taking Zena to obedience school, there was a kid on the bus having a fit because his mom wouldn’t let him see the dog. They were about to get off the bus, and the kid (who must have been like 3 or 4 years old) wanted to go out the front way, where we were, so that he could say “good bye” to Zena. The mom said no, and dragged her whining child out the back door instead. Thirty seconds later, while the bus was stopped to let new passengers on, that same kid ran around the side of the bus and jumped back on from the front door. Before I even knew what was happening, and before I could even think to stop him, he ran up to Zena and bopped her on the head, (I guess that was supposed to be a pat…) said, “Bye doggie!” and then turned around and ran off the bus! O__o

You know… the Pit Bull ban here may suck, but it’s at times like these I’m actually glad that my dog is required to wear a muzzle when in public, because a scenario like that could very well have provoked Zena to bite out of reaction to a strange hand suddenly coming at her face from nowhere. I bet the kid’s mom was totally pissed at him. At least, I hope so!!

Zee took it well, though. She actually seemed more surprised than anything, and kind of looked at me like, “WTF just happened??” She’s also got a new muzzle now, because the chrome one was just too awkward for her to wear. She now has a more comfortable leather “Hot Dog” muzzle, the same type as Taffy’s, (abulldogslife) only Zee’s is black with cute little silver bone studs on it. ;)

Zena’s New Muzzle

She still hates it, but at least she looks stylin’. X-D

Side Of Muzzle

View from the side.


Zee sneering, after I took the muzzle off. The first thing she usually does when I get home is to bury her face in her dog bed and roll around. Poor puppy!

And now… ART!

Well, just a few scans of some of the finished commissions I’ve gone and mailed off.

Scarlet Commish

A dude at Anthrocon ’05 really liked one of the old drawings of Scarlet Vixen I did, and asked me if I’d do a commission of the same image, just slightly modified. The original is Adult, (no, you can’t see it…) of Scarlet holding her boobs up and showing off her barbell piercings. :-P He really liked the character, and asked if I could draw her in the same pose, just with her arms crossed in front of her chest. To be honest, I really like how this turned out. I actually think it’s better than the original, and am glad that he asked for it! :)

Ebdain Badge

Badge I did for Ebdain. Noticed one eye is a bit oddly slanted… of course I didn’t notice it until *after* I was already coloring it. O.<

Kody Wolf Badge

Little more detailed badge I did for Kody Wolf. This one was actually *hard* to get the colors right on, as the ref image given was a bit different than the description he gave me. It was supposed to be a version2 image, so I tried to be as specific to his instructions as I could: “Lighter brown wolf, with darker brown and black ‘highlights.’ If you show paws, I’d like darker brown paws, with lighter brown undersides and pads.” So this is what I came up with. Looks a bit odd to me, after seeing the original reference - but he liked it, so I guess that’s all that really counts! :)

That’s all for now. I’ll add more commission updates soon!
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