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Everything seems to be getting on my nerves today. Not just that... I had a dream last night that shook me, and gave me cause for concern. Not just like your normal bad dream. This one worried me because I remembered it SO vividly, and remembered every face and every action so specifically in my mind. Every look, and every emotion… and it has me WORRIED! I've had dreams like this in the past, that suggest some kind of deeper meaning, and things have actually come true, from right out of my dreams in the past. So now I'm all uncomfortable and edgy, and just waiting for some sort of drama to start up.

To all of my friends, if I seem a bit distant for the next little while, please don't take it personally. I've just had a bit of a spook, and am playing caution. Damn, I wish I had my scanner back... I just want to get on with my artwork and forget about this. Dunno why it's got me so worked up, but I wish this uneasy feeling would just go away... >.<

*curls up in a ball and wraps her wings around herself*
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