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Some Art, and OMG I Totally LOVE Training My Dog!

Tim is back from his trip to Belfast. Yay! ^^ I so can’t wait to be moved to BC. February is my last month at work, which is a good thing, because it has been making me nuts lately.

Yesterday a guy came in to get some Interfuron, and was pissed off that the bottle he got wasn’t filled to the top. He had ordered 100ml, but the bottles we get to fill up are a bit larger than 100ml. So he thought that we were ripping him off, despite my manager measuring out the stuff with a syringe, just to prove to him that it was all there. Then before he left, he asked to use the washroom. Wouldn’t you know it, at the end of the night when I was cleaning up the clinic, I found that the guy had pissed all over the toilet seat and floor. Wonderful statement there, buddy. Too bad it’s not the manager (who you were mad at!) who has to clean it!!

Today I also got to clean out the cooler that the vets had used for a post mortem we did on a cat earlier this week. Did I mention I love my job…? O__O

I got my stitches out on Wednesday. Thanks for the tip, Cass. :) I wasn’t able to find any Neosporin, but I did find this moisturizing gel that is made for scars, so I’m trying that at the moment. So far it is healing up rather nicely.

I also FINALLY got a call back from the people who adopted Dakota, letting me know that everything is fine. I’m relieved, as I had been calling them for a few weeks now and leaving messages, but no one had gotten back to me to let me know how he was doing. So I’m glad to hear that he is well.

On a not-so-good note, we now have Panda back for the last time. Apparently the people at the doggie daycare left her in the shop overnight, with one of their 8-pound rescue poodles, and Panda killed the dog sometime in the early morning. -.- From what the daycare owner told me, she thinks it was a freak accident. He wasn’t torn apart like she attacked him brutally or anything. Rather, she thinks that they got into a fight over the garbage, and that Panda just happened to bite the little dog just in the right spot, hard enough to cause him to bleed to death. So she e-mailed me and asked me to take Panda back, as she can’t allow her around the other daycare dogs anymore.

I think the only reason that she didn’t order her to be put to sleep is because she realized that it was her fault for sticking Panda with another dog unsupervised to begin with, especially after I told them NOT to do that, because of the fight that Panda and Zena had last year! So, yeah. The dog will be staying with my mom now, and I am keeping Zena and Leo separated from her until I move.

Now, on a good note! First of all, some art stuffs!


This is one of the eight dogs that I’m designing for Chris, at Gemini K-9 Obedience. I still have to shade it, but this is going to be the school website’s version. I’m also in the process of painting a mural of the same dog designs on the wall of the training area, since Chris has been renovating a bit and getting the place a bit more spiffed up. The other dogs are a Malamute, a Retriever, a Chihuahua, a Grate Dane, a Hound, a Rottweiler, and a German Shepherd. Basically, the mural and website art is a trade for Zena’s protection course (since I’m flat broke, due to paying for my move).

Zena is doing totally awesome with her training! I did two classes back-to-back with her, yesterday and today, since I missed last week’s class due to my accident. We got there a bit early yesterday, and so Zee got to participate in a group class, as a distraction. It was for a six-month-old Neopolitan Mastiff named Tongo! ;) There was also a white pit bull, and a six-month-old Doberman. For being in a group of dogs that Zena had never met, she was actually spot on with her obedience, and didn’t show much anxiety at all!

Once the group class was done, we got straight into Zee’s protection work, and having the two other trainers there was a big help in switching her routine up a bit, since she is so used to working with Chris and Rudy (who spoil her rotten). I was VERY pleased to see her responding to her “PasAuf” command pretty much instantly, even with the new people present. She is now gaining much more self-confidence, and actually beginning to lunge forward a bit when barking at the decoy, while I’m keeping her on a short lead.

Today Chris brought out “The Stick,” and Zena is still responding well even when the decoy charges forward in a yelling attack, waving the stick in the air. She stays well in front of me, and even runs from side to side when the decoy does, always keeping herself between me and the attacker. I hope that we will actually have the time to get to the “Voran” command, where she would eventually learn to run up to the decoy from a distance and keep him at bay while barking. The protection course is 16 weeks, but unfortunately I only have 11 weeks to work with, so we have to learn at a quicker pace. O.o

I’ve also decided not to get her into any bite work for now, since it took me a long time to teach her NOT to bite when I first got her, which was a result of her fear aggression from having been abused in her previous home. I don’t want her to get confused. For now, it’s all just alarm defense training, since she passed her Basic and Advanced Focus obedience with flying colors. For a dog who used to cower away in fear two years ago, she is showing a lot of promise. I’m very proud of her. :)

Man, finding a new trainer for Zena once I move to BC is going to be a challenge, since my standards have become extremely high since working with Chris at Gemini. He’s wonderful with the dogs and people who he trains, and specializes in handling the “tougher” breeds. He does everything from basic obedience, to advanced heavy focus training, behavioral and aggression problems, Schutzhund, Police dog training, and training working dogs for the disabled. He also invited me to a seminar that a friend of his from the Police force will be teaching at the school in a few weeks. Can’t wait to see it! XD

And now, some Dobies in action. :)

More art and commissions updates soon!
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