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A Lot Of Face Hurt...

So, last night I did something totally stupid. I was walking the dog and I slipped on a sheet of ice, totally wiped out, and smacked myself face first on the ground. Split my lip completely wide open on the upper right corner. When I got home, I had to ask my sister to call mom at work and tell her to come home and take me to the hospital for stitches.

We got to the hospital at around 10pm, and there was a HUGE line in the Emergency ward. Took about two hours before we were seen, and a very nice couple actually let me go ahead of them when they saw the gash in my face. The reactions from some of the kids in line were funny. “Oh man… what happened…? Can I see? Oh GROSS!!! That looks like it totally hurts… Can I see it again??” which then turned into a swapping of scar stories.

You know, sometimes it just baffles my mind the reasons why some people go to EMERGENCY. I mean, crazy. This one lady was in Emerge because she had a bad cough, apparently… though I think I only heard her cough once or twice during the whole two hours. One guy was sleeping in a chair, and Security had to come and discharge him because apparently he had already been seen, and he was fine to go home, but instead he opted to hang out and sleep while a bunch of other people were waiting in line to be seen. Like four Security guys had to come out and usher him away, and the guy looked like he was about to put up a fight, too! O.o

Anyway, I got in to see the Doctor, and was dreading having stitches put into my face, especially since I had never had them done before. You know… it wasn’t terrible. The Dr. was a nice guy, and he told me everything he was going to do before he did it. He also asked me a lot of questions during the procedure to help keep my mind off of what he was doing.

He had to do the first initial stitch to line up the boarders, before freezing my mouth. That wasn’t too bad, since the needle was so small, it was just a tiny pinch and then I didn’t even really feel the thread going through. Swallowing the alcohol he used to clean my mouth was gross. O_x The needle he then gave me to freeze my mouth absolutely sucked!! Holy shit, I never want a needle that big put into my lip ever again! Once my lip was frozen, the rest of the stitches were a blast, though my tongue and teeth got frozen a bit as well, which felt really weird. I got about ten stitches altogether. The Dr. said I was very brave. :)



So I didn’t go into work today. Need a bit of time to deal with this swelling. It’s actually worse than last night, and eating or drinking anything has been a royal pain so far. Tried coloring a few badges. Will do some more tomorrow, and so my next LJ entry should have a bunch of art updates and (more) colorful stuff for people to look at. :)

Other than that, things here have been crazy busy, and commissions have been further postponed due to my preparation to move (still doing them… just veeerrryyyy sssllloooowwwwwlllllyyyyy…).

Basically, I spent all of November and part of December trying to find new homes for two of my dogs, as I can’t take them all with me when I move to BC. Found homes for both Dakota and Panda, though Panda was returned a couple of weeks ago because she was peeing all over the people’s house. -.- So I was frantically trying to rehome her yet again, and was able to place her with a lady I know who runs her own doggie daycare and grooming facility. She also does dog rescue, and they’ve made Panda their official “Shop Dog.” So she spends the days romping around with other daycare dogs and getting tons of attention, and then she goes home with the owner of the place at night. And if she pees, it’s no big deal, because the floors are all tile and concrete with a drain in the middle, so accidents can be easily cleaned with a mop and bucket. :) So that’s one less thing for me to have to worry about.

Then come Christmas time, Tim came to visit for the holidays, and he rented a car and we drove to Michigan to visit his family for a week (and then Tim stayed an additional week at home with me for New Year’s). It was a nice visit, if not a bit hectic with Tim’s Sister’s two kids running around and screaming. O.o I don’t think you can have a Christmas family get together without having young children running around and screaming at the top f their lungs.

Albee Family Photo
A nice family holiday photo. :) From left to right: Tim and I. Tim’s dad, Dick. Tim’s sister Kristina, holding her 4-year-old son, Spencer. Kris’ husband of 14 years, Kurt, holding their 3-year-old daughter, Ava. Tim’s mom, Linda.


More Deer
The deer that visit on a regular basis, right outside the Albee’s backyard!

Tim’s Dogs

More of Tim’s Dogs
We went to visit Tim’s dogs, who are currently being cared for at his friend Pam’s place, until we’re able to get a house in BC to eventually keep them all. The first photo is of Rascal, Toby, and Wolf. The second is of Strawberry and Toby. Toby has absolutely beautiful yellow wolfy eyes! They are all retired sled dogs, from when he was living in Alaska.

Smiling Berries!
Just a funny photo of Berries. :)

In The Front Lobby

More of me in the Lobby
After visiting the dogs, Tim took me out for a night at the Amway Grand Hotel. I’ve never been in such a fancy hotel in my life! We were snickering to each other, wondering what it might be like to hold a Fur Con in a place as ritzy as this. ;) Here are a couple of photos that Tim took of me on the upper level, just under the main lobby.

Just a random picture that Tim took of me doing my hair, right before we went out for dinner. :)

Me at Dinner

Looking Through the Wine Glasses

Tim and I at The 1913 Room
Some pics that Tim took of me at dinner, and then a photo of the two of us taken by our waitress. We ate at a restaurant called “The 1913 Room.” Very good food, and I got to try Venison for the first time! :) Their specialty desert was also really good! It was called, “Forbidden Apple,” which was coffee ice cream sculpted in the shape of an apple and dipped in candy, (like a candy apple) with a liqueur filling. It actually looked very much like a real apple. I wish that we had taken a picture of that, too, before we ate it! You can see it just a bit there on the corner of the table, in that last photo.

After we got back to Toronto from Michigan, we got up early the next day and went to pick up the 16-foot moving truck that I had rented. Huge thanks to pat_the_fox for helping Tim and I to haul all of my belongings into temporary storage! *hugs the foxy!* It was a lot of work, but it’s finally done! Basically, most of my stuff will stay in storage until Tim and I can actually secure a stable house in BC, once he knows if he is being brought back for Battlestar Galactica’s next season. For now, when I move into the temporary apartment he’s at, I’ll only be bringing my essentials with me, and my dog.

And so now my room is naked, all for my computer stuff, the art supplies I need to finish commissions by March, some boxes of books, the dog crates, and the two dog beds that I’ve pushed together to make a little bed for myself on the floor. Hey, don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it. Those large, cushy fleece dog beds that you find at Costco are actually pretty damn comfortable! ;)

Tim is in Belfast right now, teaching some seminar on animation for the week. Well actually, the seminar is only a few days, but he’ll be spending the last few days bouncing around England with gareth_rehal. Lucky sunnovabitch!! :-D You boys have fun, and stay out of trouble!! ;) *sends hugs out to both*

So that’s what I’ve been up to for the past few months. February is my last month working at the Guildcrest Cat Hospital, and I’ll have to train someone new to replace me. I am saving every penny I have to pay for shipping the rest of my stuff to BC by ground, and trying to shop around for best prices. I was going to get my passport photo taken, since I need a new one before my current one expires in May… but with me knocking my lip all to hell, I guess I’ll have to wait a while for that. @_@ Oh well.

Look for art updates soon!
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